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Are You Fed Up With Being Jerked Around By Google?

July 10th, 2012 : · 22 Comments ·

About 4 years ago, Chris Rempel and myself released

‘The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole’

While the product was very well received, there were the naysayers who scoffed at anyone who even remotely cared about what was then MSN search, (Now Bing).

I mean who would want their really tiny market share of traffic, When the big kahoona Google was just waiting to be plucked for it’s riches.

One of the points Chris and I made 4 years ago, was that Bing traffic while considerably lower than what Google can deliver offered a LOT more stability in their rankings, and that the volatility of Google would never make them a reliable partner.

Well, well, well. It’s 4 years later and people who had what they thought were successful online businesses because they were getting some occasional decent Google traffic are now delivering pizzas for a living, and have become totally disenchanted with Google for a good reason. They are not, and were never a reliable business partner.

Fast forward to Bing 2012.

Bing also now provides the search results for Yahoo.
Are the two combined as big as Google? Nope, not even close.

But they do represent close to 30% market share and receive about 4 BILLION searches per month.

30% market share. For you old timers, do you remember when you would have given away your first born to rank at the top of a search engine that had 30% market share?

If your niche received a million searches globally across all search engines, That means that about 300,000 of them would originate from Bing powered search results.

Would you want a slice of that traffic? I sure would.

Here’s the kicker. Those who actually followed and implemented the techniques we taught in the Ranking Loophole are doing just that.

I still remain in contact with quite a few of our original customers, and some are killing it in Bing. Sure they’d make more if they had those same rankings in Google, but guess what. Not going to happen.

One person that I spoke to recently did rank in Both Bing and Google for awhile in a very big niche. When he was ranking in Google he was doing about 50K per month total rev. But that only lasted a couple of months, and then Google decided to pull the rug out from under his feet. Sound familiar?

But.. this guy has been ranking at the top of Bing for about 3 and a half years, and does a steady 15K each and every month in leads from Bing, And I’m talking organic traffic, not paid.

So you tell me.. which search engine has made this guy more money?

If you don’t believe what we taught in the Loophole still works, here are the 4 sites I used as demos 4 years ago. Check their rankings today.

You know what. They haven’t moved more than 1 or two positions in years.

Search For…
get rid of debt
As of this writing, I am #2 for this term, the domain is

Search For…
poor credit rating
as of this writing I am #1 for this term, the domain is

Search For…
reducing debt
as of this writing I am #2 for this term, the domain is

Search For…
low mortgage
As of this writing I am #1 for this term, the domain is

Now, I’m making these really public… so some know it all tattle tale who thinks he is serving the greater good may decide to report these sites, and so be it if you do. It doesn’t change the fact that the Loophole exists. It worked years ago, and it works just as well today. And guess what, I don’t make any money with those sites. So turn them in if you want. They are not my money sites. They were built to show you what can be accomplished.

My real money sites have been ranking for years. How are yours doing in Google? Fine? Terrific. Enjoy it while it lasts.

But you know what? There was one major flaw with the original Ranking Loophole product. We made it too damn hard for everyone.

I’ll admit it. We made it too hard for everyone too implement.

We tried to tell everyone how to build their own massive blog network and to install the Linkubaiter script on your network and let the Loophole work for you. But this was really difficult for people who were not overly techy, not to mention that it was really time consuming and for many costly to build out all those sites. it worked when done correctly, but it was difficult.

We blew it. But we corrected it. Most of you probably were never aware. How was this corrected?

I made my own private HUGE blog network available to everyone.

You no longer need to build any blogs, install any scripts, buy any hosting. All you have to do is enter the URL of your money sites and anchor text and let my network do it’s thing for you.

Ok, here’s some questions I’m sure you want answered.

QUESTION: Is this method effective in all 3 major search engines?

ANSWER: No. my network is built for Bing and Yahoo. In fact we do not even allow Google to spider sites in the network. Why not? It’s simple. People today are so concerned about whether something will hurt them in Google, we guarantee these links cannot hurt you in Google because we do not let them spider or access our sites in anyway. They don’t even know they exist. This is a service to help you rank in Bing and Yahoo, and it works VERY well. If you’re main focus is Google, then you should look elsewhere.

QUESTION: What happens if Google finds these links. Won’t they hurt me in Google?

ANSWER: No, again, we block Googlebot from even spidering the sites in the network. Google will never even know they exist. There is zero risk to your sites if you are concerned about what Google thinks. I’ll say this again. ZERO RISK.

So the bottom line is this. If you’re tired of being jerked around by Google, there are alternatives. If you want a LOT of quick cash then keep trying to rank at the top of Google for a really competitive term. But if you’re just tired of playing their games, why not consider an option that is far more stable and easier to accomplish. And one that might keep you from having to deliver pizzas for a living.

If you want to start ranking in Bing and Yahoo, all you need to do to use the Loophole in 2012 is use my own private network of sites, enter your URL’s and anchor texts, and that’s it.

- Dave -

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  • Anthony

    I already bought the Authority Loophole from you so what’s the catch? This sounds great but what’s it going to cost?

  • admin

    @Anthony, Authority Loophole was a free product.

  • Ryan

    As I understand it this works because bing was slow to de index old links right?

    If this is the case then how sure are u bing will index our link before it was replaced with another at linkunate?

  • Chad

    I’m sure Dave doesn’t mean to insult anyone that delivers pizzas.

    Last time I checked, Bing is still using IE to mine Google SERPs to populate their own index. Can anyone say different?

  • Simon

    Hi Dave,

    I read the PDF on detailing how the system works.

    From what I gather, the strategy consists of building mini-sites with proper on-page seo and ideally, an exact-match domain targeting one keyword.

    Then, it’s just a matter of plugging the URL and anchor texts into LinkuMate and letting it do the rest.

    Am I missing anything? Are there any other important steps or considerations?

    Or can I essentially go and buy “”, throw up an article, plug it into LinkuMate and sit back and watch as steady (albeit less) traffic rolls in?



  • sky

    Which package is best?

    For example, if I get the basic package, is it only enough for 1 site?

    If I have 10 site, which package is best?

    Also, once the 1st site is ranking, do I need to continue using the slots for the 1st site to keep it ranking.

    Or can I use the slots for another site?

  • Mike

    Ok I get that you have a automated link building network. My question is this:

    Just how is this supposed to help you to rank in bing/yahoo?

  • Eli

    Do the sites have to be an exact match domain, or will other sites work as well in your experience?

    I’m considering doing it for inner pages.

  • Stefan

    Hi Dave,

    You said that you don’t even allow Google to spider sites in the network.
    Ok, but in the video on the linkumate site (last video on the video page) you say that ‘all sites of the network have more than 1.5 million pages indexed in Google’.

    I hope you understand that these two statements cannot be true at the same time and they confuses people / potential customers.

    Which is true? And why are you saying you have 1.5 million pages indexed in Google if you block the Google spider?


  • Misato

    I am glad someone is coming out with this kind o f information. Too many people are still having to learn the hard way that if they put all of their eggs in the Google basket, they can often end up ranking #1 today, and ranking below 1,000 tomorrow.

  • admin

    @chad, Bing never did use google to populate their serps. Not then, not now. It is 100% complete misinformation.

  • admin

    @Stefan, Googlebot is now blocked. I did this a few months ago. reason being, the network has always been more about Bing and Yahoo than Google, and I was getting about 30 emails per week from people asking if these links could hurt them in Google, and the only way I could guarantee this was to block Google bot from accessing the sites. almost all customers were joining for the purpose of doing better in Bing and Yahoo, so other than saying I had lots of pages indexed in Google, and some people were doing decently in Google, that is not why people were and are joining Linkumate – Dave

  • admin

    @Eli, you do not need an EMD, an EMD does give you ’some’ juice but by no means does it guarantee succcess.

  • admin

    @sky, what package you need depends on the competitiveness of your niche. A non comp market can do well with the lower package, a comp niche needs more juice than that can provide. – Dave

  • admin

    @Simon, can you rank without Linkumate? Sure, IF, you can go out and build a LOT of links to your site. Linkumate makes it a lot easier. – Dave

  • Clint

    Why don’t you put affiliate links or some type of ad’s on those sites that rank well?

    Do you get any compensation from them?

    Do you have an updated Bing Loophole guide (I bought original) or is it just creating a good on page SEO and put in linkumate?

  • admin

    @Clint, the reason for not monetizing them is simple, I give away the URL’s as demo’s of the process involved and what it can achieve. It’s just too risky to monetize sites where you are giving the URL’s away. I have plenty of other sites that are monetized. You can download the doc on, it’s a scaled down version of the original Loophole guide. We’ve pulled the Linkubaiter script. The key to Bing is linking and the focus is now on Linkumate which works just as well today as when I started using it many years ago. It is a true Loophole. – Dave

  • Side Income Secrets

    What types of website are more suitable to use your service? Big site, small site, html site, wordpress site etc?

    Can we use your link service for Adsense sites?

    Thank you.

  • Side Income Secrets

    More questions about your link service…

    (1) Can I buy one package and use it for more than one website URLs of the same and different domain names?

    (2) What type of website content is not allowed into your link service (e.g. adult, casino, dating, etc.)?

    (3) I want to pay using Paypal, can you accept a payment (for 1 year) with Paypal?

    (4). My sites are new, can your service still do the SEO magic for them on B&Y (Bing & Yahoo)?


  • admin

    @Sideincome – yes you can use as many sites, URL’s and anchor texts as your package has slots, though if you are in a comp market, I would advise using most of the slots for s single KW/Anchor text combo. I don;t allow adult, casino.. dating is Ok as long as it’s not Adult oriented. Yes I use PP and you can pay for an annual subscription. Yes, it takes a bit longer with a new site but can work with any site.
    – Dave -

  • admin

    @Sideincome, any size sites work, Adsense sites.. well, that’s not the best way to monetize and Bing is not all that fond of Adsense, I’ve seen Bing SERPS up and down regarding adsense sites – Dave -

  • Kelvin

    Linkumate has been working wonders for my site since late July.
    Will surely subscribe (and pay for the whole year – from income earned due to increased rankings) to a higher package.
    It’s just amazing.

    P.S. Make SURE to read the FAQ’s. He explains the time frame to expect for your site to rank where you want it – page 1.

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