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A Lesson in Marketing – Truth in Pricing? A Good Idea?

May 25th, 2012 : · No Comments ·

I’m sure you’ve received more than a few offers from a wide variety of marketers, me included, offering you a product or service of some kind.

But this is not about whether that product or service is worth it. This is about what comes after.

Probably the biggest complaint you see voiced on forums is people hate upsells. They hate hidden discounts, or pricing they believe to be deceptive.

A lot of times people think the seller is just some dishonest scumbag trying to rip off, you, the consumer, and there are certainly instances where that is the case. But mostly not.

The main reason marketers, both online and off use upsells and other type of pricing tricks and twists is really quite simple.

They work REALLY well.

Don’t believe me?
Case Study: JC Penney

Maybe this isn’t an exact apples to apples comparison, but it comes real close.

You see, JC Penney recently made a decision to stop all the BS marketing that so many people claim to despise.
Guess what happened?

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