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SEO’ing for Google …

April 25th, 2012 : · No Comments ·

Well, I’ve received about a dozen or so EM’s today from customers, friends, and business assoicates seeking my opinion on how to proceed with SEO now that Google has launched their ‘Anti SEO” algo change.

The answer I’m going to give is rather simple and really is not any different than what I’ve been doing for a long time and also what you should have been doing.

1) Link building is not dead. Forget about those unnatural link emails you get. Just ignore them. Keep link building. Just don’t go out and order 6000 links from some crap source.

2) Don’t over SEO your site. This isn’t new. Don’t keyword stuff your content. The days of trying to hit a certain keyword density, well those days ended many years ago, not today with the most recent update. Write natural content. Use a lot of related words (LSI words)

3) Use good descriptive title tags that encourage someone to click on your SERP rather than just using a bunch of keywords.

4)  Vary your anchor text. Don’t use your main keyword all the time, or even a majority of the time. Natural linking has always been about variation of anchor text.

5) Make sure your linking includes links to your internal pages. It is unnatural for all of your links to be to the home page.

6) Accept the fact that ups and downs are part of the business.

7) Accept the fact that at some point your site will drop precipitously in the SERPS and you won’t know why.  Accept the fact that at some point your site will bounce back and you still won’t know why.

This is how you should have been doing SEO all along. Honestly, I haven’t really changed my approach to SEO for quite a long time and for the most part my rankings are pretty stable over the long term

So what if you do all these things and Google still slammed you? What do you change? My answer? Nothing. Keep doing SEO the right way.  Don’t change your entire promo model every time Google tweaks something, because for the most part, you’re just guessing as to what you should change, and by the time your changes have been made they will have decided their previous tweaks need ‘improvements’.

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