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A Major New Article Directory Has Launched

August 15th, 2011 : · 2 Comments ·

If you’re into article marketing I have some big news.

You may have previously checked out’s 100% American content writing services, or maybe not, but the big news is we have just introduced Articlez V2, with the the addition of a high quality article directory. (along with many other enhancements) But this article directory offers you something none of the others do.

You can choose to monetize each and every article you submit to and keep 100% of the revenue your content generates.

Just go to and click on the orange tab on the upper left side that says “watch the video” and see how easy it is.

Articlez is not keeping any of the money your content makes, not even a penny, you keep 100%. You can use both Adsense and Clickbank promo videos on the same article.

Of course you can still submit your articles for free, and get all the benefits of a high quality article directory, including up to 2 anchor text links in your content, that are Dofollow, 2 links in your resource box. A full WYSIWYG editor that allows you many formatting options.

Make sure you read their editorial guidelines before submitting any content as they don’t allow junk into their directory. This is a serious content directory.

If you order content to be written by our team of American writers, and you choose to submit that content into our directory, you will get priority review status.

This is really just the beginning of what we have happening at, so if you haven’t checked them out in a while, it’s probably time you do. It costs nothing to create an account. It costs nothing to submit your articles if you decline the monetization options.

Oh, and did I mention their greatly enhanced affiliate program? They now offer some serious affiliate payouts that allow you to make some really serious money.

Many of you have even probably already referred customers to, those customers are yours for life, you don’t even need to get them to sign up again, they just need to submit content into their new directory, and choose one of the monetization options and you can earn up to $100 for a single signup.

There are going to be a lot of folks promoting this in the next couple of weeks. I’m giving you a head start, and a chance to make some cash before some of the big players jump in. Remember, once an individual signs up using your referral, they are glued to you for life. You will always earn revenue based on their purchases.

Check out the affiliate program here

The real push for Articlez 2.0 is still a couple weeks away. Now is the chance to get content written and submitted. Those who get in early are going to benefit big time.

Article marketing is big. Now you can get the benefits of the link juice generated and make money from your content at the same time.

- Dave -

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  • Craig Wilson

    Dave, I’m glad I decided a long time ago to follow you and your work. I love the QUALITY of your material and the products you have! In a world of sub par material touting all this “push button” junk you are a breath of fresh air.

    The new articlez site looks amazing! I am for sure going to pursue using everything you got! This is all looking GREAT! Keep the killer stuff coming

    I’ll being showing “my peeps” your stuff

  • Shawn


    I love it! Not only will I be using this myself, but I will be promoting to my customer list as well.

    Basically a one-stop shopping place for content and a great place to put it!

    Thanks again,

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