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How a Simple Site About Green Beans Sold for 5 Times it’s Annual Earnings.

June 27th, 2011 : · 1 Comment ·

Approximately 2 years ago, I made this post

“How a complete novice took a site from scratch to over 1500000 annual unique visitors in 2 short years”

That site was launched in the autumn of 2007

The site has continued to perform at the levels described in the article.

Fresh content has been added on an ongoing basis.

Over the past many months we have been receiving more and more inquiries from people and or businesses that were interested in acquiring the site. Sometimes these inquires would come from individuals, sometimes from brokers acting on behalf of a client who wished to remain anonymous.

This is a site my wife has developed a personal attachment to.

I’ve always told her if the right offer came along that she should sell it.

This past week the right offer did come in. She was offered approximately 5 times the average yearly earnings of the site.

Despite some reservations on her part, it’s kind of hard to pass up an offer like that.

What this proves is that a really simple site, built around a really simple topic that is really nothing more than an individual’s passion can turn into a very substantial source of income.

Just consider the niche and the original keywords for the site. Green beans and green bean recipes.

When you consider niches, maybe it’s time to think outside the box a little bit, get away from the same old garbage that everyone in IM builds, and you might just hit a winner.

This site was never built to make money, but it did. It was never really built to dominate the SERPS in it’s niche, but it did. It was never really built to attract in excess of a million visitors per year, but it did. It was built for fun.

Sometimes it’s more important to build a site around something you are passionate about rather than something someone tells you will make you money. In the end the one that was the passion may out perform all the others by a large margin.

How much actual cash outlay do you think this site cost my wife in 4 years?

Answer= $0

I paid for the domain name. She did all the work, but if you really like something it’s kind of difficult to call it work.

The site was far from the best looking site.

I made the original logo and template for my wife and I am an awful site designer.

Consider that a very large percentage of people who try to make decent money online never make anywhere near what this site made.

Perhaps there’s a lesson in here, maybe not. But here’s something I can tell you. My wife will probably build another site, not in this exact niche, but you know what? It will be something she is passionate about, she will enjoy doing it. It will cost her nothing except the price of the domain name. It will probably make her money and down the road someone will probably be willing to pay good money to acquire that site.

Think about it.

- Dave

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  • Shawn

    Your wife’s green beans site was the inspiration for my most profitable site to date.

    Funny the timing of this post, because now that I am full time online I decided to set aside a few hours a week on a music site which is my real passion.

    Kudos to your wife!


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