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Why Do Some People Continue to Dominate the SERPS?

February 13th, 2011 : · 48 Comments ·

Have you ever noticed that even with all of Google’s claims of algo changes, some sites continue to thrive no matter what?

Have you ever wondered what their secret is?

Well, there really is no secret. It’s the linking. Always has been and probably always will be until the search engines come up with a totally unique or different way to rank sites.

But everyone does link building right? Well, yea, sort of, But not everyone succeeds, so what is the difference between success and failure?

Google and Bing are constantly getting better at determining what defines a garbage link.

One of the key elements in making your link campaign successful is IP diversity of your links. The more quality links you have from a wide range of IP’s the better.

So how do you get these links? You can hire an SEO firm and pay them literally thousands of dollars per month and still not be certain of exactly what they are doing,

But that’s not what most of the folks who dominate the SERPS are doing.

The answer is really quite simple.

Blog Comments.

You’re probably thinking, “Yea right Dave, you are telling us to spam blogs with meaningless comments”

Actually, that’s exactly what people who fail have been doing forever.

Ever heard of Xrumer, or Scrapebox? Great black hat tools, but go look at any of their forums and you’ll see just how few any of those people ever mention that they make any money. Why not? Most don’t.

They spend all their time trying to game the system, it’s a losing battle. They post garbage comment after garbage comment, by the tens of thousands, they all get flagged. If you have a blog or multiple blogs you see it all the time. Pure Garbage.

So if blog commenting is so great why do most people fail?

Because they are always looking for that magic shortcut when success is really right in front of them.

How do I do it?

What if I told you that each and every month I get lists that are totally mine. My team builds these lists for me, with very specialized and customized tools, and the volume they deliver to me is close to one half MILLION unique quality URL’s per month.

But that’s just part of the story. What we also do is only use blogs that are PR 1 and above, with many in the 3-4 range. We only use blogs that are very clean, with very few outbound links, DOFOLLOW, and more importantly, auto approve in many cases.

I have edu’s – .gov’s, pretty much everything.

But here’s the key, I do not spam anyone’s blogs.

If you actually take some time to read what the blogger wrote, and make an intelligent reply, your sticky rate will be very very high.

If you leave comments like ‘nice post’ etc.. you’ve seen them all, you are wasting your time.

See, most people think they are saving time taking shortcuts, when the reality is they are accomplishing the exact opposite. They are going to fail.

You don’t need to post hundreds of blog comments per day, but you need to spend an hour or two doing nothing but reading and commenting on blogs.

And for those of you who say this is spam, go ahead and think that. But here’s the deal. If a blog owner has a comment box, has a space for a URL, and likes what you write, where’s the spam?

So what does this mean to you?

Well, my team is giving me so much more inventory than I can possibly use, that I am going to make some of that inventory available to you.. But on a VERY limited basis.

Here’s what coming your way.

1000 PR 1-4 DOFOLLOW blogs.

All of these blogs have been tested within the past 30 days and have been shown to be auto approve, IF, and I want to emphasize this point clearly, IF, you leave a good comment.

How many people can get in on this?

Exactly FIFTY and that’s it.

If you use these blogs right, you will see a huge boost in your rankings. Use them wisely and I will probably make a whole lot more of these available to you, in numbers that will blow your mind.

Abuse them and you’ll never see them again, I’ll continue to get half a MILLION new URL’s per month that will be used solely by my inner circle, but let’s be real, that’s a LOT more URL’s than I can ever use.

And if you think you’re going to use these blogs to promo the usual pills, pharma, gambling, etc, don’t even bother. Save your money, and save your time. Go buy Xrumer. This is not for you.

So if you’re interested… Stay tuned. An announcement will be forthcoming likely Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

And NO, I cannot reserve any slots, and it will be strictly first come first serve.

How much will it cost? Well, I’m still pondering that part, I’ve got a couple numbers in mind, but I can tell you were are talking pennies per link.

- Dave -

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  • Shawn


    Once again, there is a reason you are only one of the few marketers left that I still subscribe to.

    Can’t wait.


  • Larry

    Learned this a while ago BH for show and WH for dough.

    Look forward to it

  • Mike Waller

    Thanks Dave. I’m really looking forward to learning about this great linking strategy. Trust is paramount in this industry and time and time again, you’ve proven that your platforms do work.

  • Matt

    Dave, thank you for the helpful information. This comes at the right time for me as I have been researching profitable linking techniques. It is refreshing to get good honest information. Thanks!


  • Metodi

    Hi Dave,

    Interesting proposition… From most linking services (and content writing services) I’ve tried your “networks” have produced the best results for me.

    Very interested to see what you have here.

    Currently I am mostly concentrating on paid traffic sources, but have some niche sites I want to definitely try and SEO more.


  • Neil Ashworth - Article Marketing Mentor


    I’ll keep an eye out for your email – I agree 100% blog commenting done the right way (with the right blogs) and leaving comments related to the post can work better than any other backlinking plan out there.


  • Neil Shearing

    Sounds good, Dave. :)

    Hey, did I just get a backlink from writing this? Sweet. That wasn’t too hard. In fact, anyone could do it with a great list of blogs to work from. :p


  • Domains at Retail

    I may be wrong but is this more of a time/bandwidth saver. If you have scrapebox then finding the same/similar lists and sorting by dofollow and PR, I would achieve the same thing. Only thing is if I don’t have time this would be nice.Just wondering if that’s the same method here?

  • Haggard

    It seems no matter how many times we are told from those who really do know and/or care about their list how do this, there are those who try to game it and take a short cut and ruin it for everyone else. Too bad you cannot weed them out before they weed us all out from valuable and useful information. I like your style Dude.

  • Gary The Antioxidant Diet Guy

    Hey, Dave.
    I always enjoy getting stuff from you because it’s usually pertinent and I can actually USE it to better my profits. That’s because it works. I will be eagerly awaiting the forthcoming information with bated breath. (Is this type of comment ok? :-) It’s this type that I usually use when making link comments.

  • Bob at Beginner Web Site Design

    Very interesting concept Dave. I’ve seen blog posting from other companies but have never taken advantage. Waiting to see what you do with it.


  • ThinkPadGuy

    I am doing a lot of this Dave and getting great results. I’ll be first in the queue!

  • Keith

    Nice post;). Count me in.

  • Sylvan Newby

    Hello Dave, thanks for the interesting post… I have gone through alot of scaprebox tutorials and it is alot of work to finally get a good list of URL’s to post links to…. Is your team using scrapebox or?

    Also, wanted to say you are so right about the high quality postings…. Why do so many marketers waste their time becoming good at scrapebox only to blow it by leaving spammy comments by the thousands that will get a less than 1% approval rate?


  • Mitch Pendry

    I am new to the “linking” business but so far have felt your advice to be excellent – keep it coming and I await your next announcement.


  • Bill

    You are the only marketer I respond to. Looking foward to hear from you. Upward and onward!

  • Dave


    Thanks for the great info but I do have a question for you. Should you only comment on blogs that are related to your niche or as long as your comment has some relevance it does not matter?

  • Malcolm Mckinnell

    Hey Dave

    I’m ery interested in your proposal and can’t wait to see what you are going to charge for this.

    I’m really busy doing a lot of backlinking at present and using the very software you have mentioned :-( .
    Hope your theory stands up…I will give it a go …if it works then you’ll have my support.

    Thanks .

  • Robbie

    Will certainly check back for the pricing. Sounds great. Been using Google Alerts and it’s pretty shady blogs that’s getting returned for a lot of niches. Are you based in the uk or usa? Just when you say pennies and not cents and I thought was US based.

  • Tony@HowToStopTips

    Wow, I have to admit I have not really given much thought to blog comment links, mainly because of the misinformation out there about how ineffective they are. Thank you for shedding some light on this

  • sean

    Nice post!
    Just kidding, I’ve been following this strategy for about a year, leaving good relevant comments on blogs and my serps have drastically improved even with just a few backlinks a week. Would be interested in this list as it would save hours in searching for good blogs.
    Will we get a email a day or two before it goes live?

  • Stuart Werner

    Are they any good if they don’t relate to my site?

  • Rob Thurnham

    Nice Post…….. he, he, he. Sorry Dave I Couldnt resist!

  • Todd Bobal

    Your right…there are few marketing ideas that have stood the test of time and most people will not do them because it takes work.

    Writing good, original content for your site and promoting it correctly will always reward you in the serps. Leaving good comments (real) is a strategy that takes work….and there are not any short cuts for getting targeted organic traffic…Honestly I am glad!


  • James


    I am excited to see what you will have to offer. I haven’t had much success with blog commenting in the past, hopefully that will change.


  • Tom

    I really appreciate what you have to say, Dave, and I’m looking forward to the offer.


  • Arty

    If we post useful comments on blogs but the comments have nothing to do with our links/sites isnt that considered spamming?

  • Tom


    I can understand why you want to restrict the number of people to prevent massive abuses. But just fifty people? It would probably be gone in minutes. How about breaking it to smaller packets (like 200 or 300 each) and still restrict to just 50 people per packet? Then more of us will likely get a chance to use it. Thanks

  • Steve Tikas

    Sounds like a great idea that would help with link building to any type of site. I’m looking forward to seeing what the price is for the list but regardless it would be a great deal.

  • Justin Lofton

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you got. This is definitely a great way to build links and I agree that if you are adding value to the conversation that it is all good.


  • Perry Stevens

    Hi Dave,
    I’ve been testing this kind of link building for a while. Finding quality and relevant blogs in your niche that automatically follow, reading an article and leaving a comment that provides value to the said article, what’s not to like?
    A little time consuming maybe but pays big in the long term life of your website with a strong link and maybe a few readers of the article actually following the link to your site.
    To many people look for short cuts and quick fixes…

  • Kallan Richards

    David many thanks for your articles. I have been sending a lot on Google adwords over the last year and I am keen to look at other avenues. Look forward to your next email and your offer.

  • admin

    @Arty, no, they are not spam. It’s a myth that a link has to be on a relevant page to be considered useful, or non spam.. it’s the comment that becomes spammy, not the link. Look at some of the comments in this page.. The links from visitors are not related to their comment, are they spammy? no. – Dave

  • admin

    @Domainsatretail, we are not using scrapebox, and there are a lot of factors that have to be considered for a site to make the lists. The lists you see on black hat forums are usually scrapebox generated. I think you’ll find these several steps above those. – Dave

  • H Miracle


    Is that going to be the same 1000 sites to all 50 people and/or is this going to be a fresh batch of blogs available monthly?

  • Brandon McHale

    I was just talking to a fellow marketer the other day about Spamware and how it really doesn’t help in the long run. He had taken 3 hours to build 2 links, but he did it the right way.
    I agree 100% with this post. Those high PR links are worth every bit, although it takes extra effort. It’s that extra effort that pays us, not the shortcuts.

  • Jeff Brockmeyer

    I had a wise man once tell me “The easy way is the hard way”. I’ve never seen half an effort and tricky stuff succeed over the long term.
    If you want to make money, you have to put in the effort and it doesn’t matter if it’s brick and mortar or online…

  • Alan@driving school jersey


    Looking forward to your mail tomorrow…
    Quick question for you…

    Should you wait after posting your comment before pinging ….

    Or maybe I should say…How long should you wait…??


  • Arty

    Thanks for clarifying Dave.

    I sometimes see long tail keywords as the username on blog comments and cant help but wonder if their spamming or not. I guess not as long as their comments are relevant to the blog post and useful.

    Looking forward to your email tomorrow re how to join.

  • republic of gamers review

    You are right Dave! I agree that the best way to get quality backlinks are the through blog commenting just a you described in your article. The only thing is that it takes a lot of time to find those blogs. I tried it for a while and could not keep up with it because it was so time consuming. Eaither the blog is a no follow or a no comment or a bad link.

    By the time one get to put just one comment, it take quite a while.

    The idea of someone would be providing those qaality blogs to just put in some comment would realy enhance my ability to get quality backlinks thought blog.
    Please let me knbow how much you would be selling the blogs for.

  • Bruce

    This maybe just what I’ve been looking for. I have no problem spending the hour or so a day commenting, but FINDING the decent ones was the chore I hated. I have to admit commenting works though, many of the comments from the last month or so contributed to a recent bump in PR here I’m sure.


  • Zack at Tampa SEO

    Hey Dave, I look forward to your list. Hunting these types of blogs takes forever. I enjoy reading and commenting but find it frustrating trying to get good backlinks so your list will be a god send. Thanks again. Zack

  • Tom Lennett

    Dear Dave,

    You have had 37, now 38, comments and the majority are from either other bloggers, affiliate marketeers or people who want to help me get good SEO results, for a fee!

    I invented a maths board game that took me many years to get right. I invested a lot of time and money to get it to the market, regrettably some of that money was squandered on the hope that the next internet guru was the one to get me that all important exposure.

    Less than a handful of the comments come from people who actually sell a physical product. Is it because we who actually deal with inventory, are a little cynical?

    Despite all that I think your idea is correct and I will certainly be trying it out.


  • Terry


    Like usual you post and services are the best quality. Look forward to the next post.


  • Mark

    Dave, when you say “It’s a myth that a link has to be on a relevant page to be considered useful”

    Are you saying that if the link is on a relevant blog it is the same as a non relevant blog so long as the comments are not spammy?



  • Internet Specialist Mark

    Hey Dave

    This is always the debate…”Isn’t this spamming?” As you mentioned, as long as you take the time to read the post and comment appropriately, then it shouldn’t be considered spam, yet when a blog owner sees keywords in the name or comment, there are many that immediately delete it, even though the comment could be very relevant!

    Guess in the end, that’s their choice to approve or not right? Do you recommend creating lists of blogs one has success in leaving comments on and going back to those for links for other sites? (assuming we have a few sites..)

    Thanks for your usual informative posts!


  • Gene Coleman

    This sounds great. I know that is one thing I have ignored and feel like I have tried everything else.

    I do have a problem though and it is I would swear I heard a google representative say that .gov and .edu links are weighted like anything else. No difference with .com. Everybody else says they count more and it sounds like you feel that way. How would onr telly find out?

  • Paul

    Am looking forward to more details. Any idea when you are going to release this info.

    Thanks — Paul

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