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The Most Important SEO Guide of the Past 10 Years

December 12th, 2010 : · 9 Comments ·

As someone who launched one of the first SEO companies back in the mid 90’s, I can state without hesitation that I’ve seen almost every SEO book, document, video, and everything else that has come along related to SEO in the past 15 years.

I want to tell you about a new SEO guide from Duncan Carver that I consider to be the…

“Definitive SEO Guide of the Modern SEO Era”.

It’s called The Ultimate Link Building Dossier, and it’s simply one of the best SEO guides I have ever seen. Period.

And if you think I’m BS’ing you, well, there’s not much I can do about that.

I know you literally get hyped to death with each new product launch, but if SEO or getting ranked in the search engines play any part in your business, and you ignore Duncan’s two hundred page gem, well, let’s just say you’re making the biggest mistake of your online marketing career.

I’ve shown the dossier to a couple of my SEO friends and each has had the same response. And that response is “WOW”!

I don’t care if you’ve been in the SEO game since day one, or just getting started, this is the one guide you absolutely MUST have.

I’ll stake my reputation on this one. There is nothing else even close to what Duncan has delivered.

- Dave -

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  • Craig Wilson

    I’m confused…This is an affiliate offer talking about link building? So what’s better, this or your very own link it pro program?? Why push another over your own?

  • Kay "learn Spanish" Miller

    I just bought ULB Dossier off your recommendation. As proof this post would be a class 3 link (if approved). Anyway, I feel I can hang without about any SEO geek right now and I’m only half way through it.

    If you think you already know everything about SEO…you don’t.
    Thanks again, Dave

  • admin

    @Craig – Linkitpro is a service, Duncan’s book is a how to, they compliment each other and are not competitive products. – Dave

  • Todd Bobal

    The day we stop learning…is the day we believe we know it all!

    Thanks for the recommendation, I believe I can fit this into my stocking.


  • Mark

    Sincerely, I’ve seen so many “ultimate of” systems, secrets, loopholes, tactis, that I’ve been driven to be the greatest unbeliever of all of this quack. SEO is as simple as this: quality content, high-quality backlinks, and you’re done,

  • Bob at Beginner Website Design

    I believe you’re right, Dave. Just bought this program and, being in publishing for many years, still didn’t have my “site relevance” structure set up the best way.

    It also opened my eyes to some article marketing techniques I have’ve been maximizing.

    Thanks for introducing me. I’ll use this for my webmaster design and other websites as well.


  • admin

    @Mark, you really should give this one a read.. – Dave

  • Ken -- [Divorce]

    I read Dave’s email about this and must admit I didn’t think too much about it at first as, like many of us, I’m a bit jaded by the next shiny object syndrome.

    However, I carefully read through Duncan’s website and realized he knew more than a thing or two about SEO. So based on Dave’s recommendation I bought it.

    I have read the first two chapters so far and it is a real eye-opener. Just the chapter on “Theme Relevancy” has made me make a lot of adjustments already to the site, in an endeavour to make it an authority site in the divorce and relationships niche.

    As Kay alluded to in her comment above, this document has the potential to make you a REAL SEO expert.

    Thanks for the recommendation Dave.


  • Shane Woods

    I’ve actually been hearing a lot about this guide lately. I’m thinking of actually getting a copy for myself and reviewing it on my blog.

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