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I am Giving Away Profit Loophole.. (Almost)

November 21st, 2010 : · 7 Comments ·

Here’s the deal:

Effective Midnight Wednesday, (really Thursday morning) November 25th, 2010, Profit Loophole will be forever taken out of circulation.

Between now and then, I am going to virtually give you a copy of Profit Loophole for (almost) NOTHING.

How much is nothing? Well, profit Loophole has sold thousands of copies at $147, and as I type this, is still selling for $147.00. And in fact I am not going to mention anything on the sales page about this special offer. The price on the sales page will continue to say $147.

But between now and midnight Wednesday, you can get Profit Loophole for $11.97. That’s a $135.03 discount.

This is not some watered down version of the course. This is the full package.

When you click the buy button, you’ll see the price of $11.97. That’s it.

Oh, and one more thing, I am going to limit this to 2000 sales.
Will that many copies sell? I have no idea. But if they do, I’m going to pull the plug before midnight Wednesday.

Get Profit Loophole for $11.97 here

- Dave -

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  • Jannes

    Hi Dave, I purchased tProfit Loophole a while back. Will you still be available for support? While I am asking, can one sell dynamic web sites just as easy as static web sites?

  • Domains at Retail

    This is a great book for whoever is on the fence. I’ve bought it at the full price and was worth every dollar.

    For super apprentice people, it wouldn’t be much of a new read though.

  • Janina

    Looks like a fantastic product, but I’m wondering why you’re taking it out of circulation? Is it because the product needs updating, or is no longer as useful or effective, given the changing nature of Internet?

    Sorry for the skepticism…just has me scratching my head a little bit…(still real tempted, though).

  • admin

    @Janina, The product is being discontinued because all updates are done at which is Profit Loophole on steroids. PL as a stand alone product will no longer be updated, or offerede for sale. All updates will occur on the SA platform. But this has been the case for the last year.


  • Janina

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the explanation – much appreciated! looks to be a fantastic opportunity.

    Take care,


  • Donald

    It really makes you happy that you paid full price for something that is now being given away for pennies on the dollar. What’s the matter Dave, you not making enough money these days?

    This great IM money making machine gets sadder by the day…

  • admin

    @Donald – Profit Loophole II in the form of Super Apprentice has been going strong for a long time now.. all the updates and changes to PL have been on the SA plaftorm. PL was written two years ago, and while still very useful, has not been updated in two years, and is dwarfed by SA which is everything contained in the original PL but with a whole lot more. Think about it this way.. how is this really different than what retailers of any product do when the original product becomes older and replaced by something newer and far more up to date. Or what car dealers do when a model year ends. You’re going to pay more for that new car at the beginning of a model year than you will for the same car at the end of the model year.


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