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What is LinkitPro?

October 13th, 2010 : · 44 Comments ·

I’ve had a ton of emails over the past couple of days, from foks wanting to know exactly what LinkitPro, (formerly Bookabonk) was all about.

First of all, let me tell you that I am not out to reinvent the wheel. What I like to focus on are things that actually work. I’m not trying to create the latest and greatest software tool, or money making scheme. What I try and do is provide the opportunity for everyone to use the same methods I’ve been using. That’s how Linkvana came to be. That’s how Linkumate came to be, I was using those techniques long before the product or services ever became public.

LinkitPro is no different.

So what is LinkitPro?

It’s a service that will build links for you two ways. One by creating social bookmarks to your sites, using 100 social bookmarking sites. But with a slight twist on what most everyone else offers. Sure, there are tools out that that can automate the process, and I’ve tried many of them through the years, but they all had one big downfall. They did not take into account that you need to build links to those bookmarks to actually make them effective. This is where LinkitPro is different. Not only will a real person be creating the bookmarks for you, they will also be building multiple links to each and everyone of the bookmarks we create for you.

The second option LinkitPro will offer is web profile linking. Many of you are probably familiar with Angela Edwards’ link packets she has been selling for quite a while. Do they work? Well, yes, and no. They do work well IF, you build links back to those web profiles that have been created on authority sites, and again, this is what LinkitPro does. The web profiles are created by humans and then multiple links are created to each of those web profiles.

And more importantly, these are NOT the same links that Angela provides in her PDF’s which are used and abused by a whole lot of people. These are web profiles created on authority sites that are found by our own technology.

The key to all of this is simple, it’s the links TO the links. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. I focus on what works.
Is it sexy? Glamorous? Nope, just damn effective.

LinkitPro goes live on Tuesday October 19th.

Oh yea, the cost. Well, I’m going to make it really affordable.
100 social bookmarks cost you $57
60 web profile links will cost you $47

And another thing, LinkitPro has a generous affiliate program that will pay you $20 on every social bookmark order and $15 on every web profile order, for life. Refer a customer once and you get paid every time that individual makes an order.

Got a list? Want to make some really good cash promoting a service that is powerfully effective, one that customers will use over and over again, just let me know.

- Dave -

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  • J-Man

    Wow, This sounds awesome. I want to add this to a case study I’m doing on the new high CTR template in SA… Brilliant- Links to links… it’s all in the details isn’t it?

    Thanks for keeping the price affordable, even for us Starving Marketers :)

  • Ziah J

    I usually have a really hard time contacting you or don’t get a response back. I’d like to join your affiliate program if I could please.

  • Domains at Retail

    So I was right about the first part of it. Second part I didn’t see coming.

    For the SB locations, will they be no good if we’ve already submitted through LV and got 100 done?

    Also, for the second part, will they be done manually? I’m working on a personal software that’s going to do what this does as well.

    Which actually made me have a lightbulb go off in my head. See where you have been getting backlinks from the bookmarking services I’ve already ordered.

    Is the bookmarks price more than doing it through LV?

  • admin

    @domains at retail

    If you’ve already submitted thru LV, no need to redo this with us, but they do not offer the web profile links. I am not sure of the current pricing in LV but it may be less because you are paying a membership fee per month there

    All links will be done manually


  • ryan

    Hi Dave, just clarifying what you said to domains…I’ve bought a bunch of social bookmarks pkgs the last few months thru your linkvana site. Have you guys been building links to these SB links as well? I’m concerned that I’ve spent all this money on inferior SB links thru linkvana.

  • Domains at Retail

    Alrite thanks Dave. Firing up 5 more SA sites and will give this a trial on one of them and see how it goes.

  • Dean

    Can you explain what a web profile is?

  • Patrick

    Hi Dave,

    then how about the number of url that we can submit per package?


  • admin


    LV’s SB’s are not inferior..


  • admin


    A web profile is where you create a profile on a high PR site, sort of a members area that search engines can access, these sites have authority, the page the link is on has no PR, but gets indexed.. but the fact the site has authority, even though the page itself does not creates substantial backlink juice.


  • admin


    you can submit up to 2 URL’s per order of either SB’s or WP links, and 2 anchor texts, 1 per URL


  • Dan

    I’m ready to sign up now. How do I do it?

  • Affiliate Marketing Training

    Now that sound like something that will be ultra useful. links to our links :) an affiliate marketers dream.

    Nice one Dave I’ll be seeing you 2morrow then …

  • Make Money Online

    Now there is a great idea. Making real money online has so much to do with getting a bucket load of traffic. seems you have hit the nail on the head … again

  • music production

    What a great idea!

    You keep outdoing yourself. What with articlez … link vana … and now this.

    Can’t wait to give linkitpro it a try.

  • Davin

    Hey Dave,

    Yes, I think I’d be interested in being an affiliate for this. Please get some info over to me. Perhaps I can run it into a few of my auto-responder sequences so all new subscribers in time, end up seeing the offers.

    Sounds pretty cool..


  • Simon Harris

    @ Dan

    Simon here, I help Dave out with admin.

    LinkitPro will be launching at 1PM EST – we’ll see you there!

  • Website Traffic Tools

    Yeah, For most SEO bookmarking, people are missing out on the point to build backlinks to backlinks that links to their site.

    : ) Quite a handful isn’t it?

  • Internet Specialist

    Hey Dave and Simon

    This service looks great. So it sounds like these are one time packages? Are you considering offering a monthly membership for this…and possibly a discount? Also, I’m assuming the affiliate program will be available the day of launch? Would be great to offer our clients!

    Thanks for creating such great products guys :)

    See you at the launch..


  • Nick Earl


    Looks great, I would like to promote this.

    Is there an affiliate program, and where do we sign up if there is?

  • Revitol

    So this isn’t a monthly subscription, but each and every run of the SB or WP package has to be paid for?

  • Simon Harris

    @ Website Traffic Tools

    Yes, it is a handful! But, it’s certainly worth it as indexing rates can be up to 400% higher than 99% of other social bookmarking products and web2.0 profile services.

    @ Mark

    Currently, these are one time packages but we may well introduce a monthly package with the web2.0 profile links – this is because we generally find about 60% new sites per month for these profile links so it’s a perfect, automatic way of getting new links every month.

    @ Revitol

    Please see above. All packages are paid for upfront…thanks for your questions!

  • Jeffrey Sternberg


    This sounds like a great service. I provide SEO services for many Brick & Motar businesses. One of the needs I have is to be easily able to have reporting by project. Will this service provide this?

    Also, the links to the links, are they content based anchor text links or are they more fleeting like RSS links?

    Thank you – Wheres the sign-up page. The only way to see if something works is to try it and watch for the reporting of the backilinks.

    Great concept!

  • Simon Harris

    @ Jeffrey

    Yes, we do supply fully detailed reporting (URL’s of the social bookmarks and web2.0 links)

    Yes, we promote the links mainly through content based anchor text.


  • Cat Allergy Relief

    That is a very innovative way of linking!

    I will be sure tio give it a look.

    Is there any incentive to get it sooner than later?
    Will the price be going up?


  • Cinjon

    A little confusion here – Are the link packages for links to links you already have done before (like Angies links) or do you buy one package for new links and another package for links to those new links? Thanks

  • Troy

    Do you support an API for services that wish to integrate with you?

  • Garth

    In contrast to a few of the other commentors, thank you for not making this a required subscription. I’m starting to really dislike subscriptions. That is a very reasonable price for 60 profile links, with supporting links to make sure they are indexed. As long as the profiles look “genuine” enough so that they aren’t removed, this is a valuable service.

  • J-Man

    He mentions (Cinjon) that these are NOT angela’s links, but rather some are “like” her’s but fresh (not bombarded by everyone with 5.00, you ask me her prices are so low it actually causes TOO many people to use it, even if she doubled her price there’d be a swarm, making her prices higher would have grabbed less people but each person’s links would be more valuable.

    I believe they (linkit pro) are using a propitiatory software tool to grab links in a more innovative way and that doesn’t get saturated as angela’s did.


  • Wayne

    So how do we go about signing up for the affiliate program?

  • Marketing Minds

    Not only is this a steal, but I can make a ton of money promoting this. It’ll be recurring income, because the people will be hooked! Let’s GET IT ON!

  • Will C

    Will the service require content to be provided? What I don’t like about SERP Assist is spun content – will this new link tool require spun content?

  • Will C

    Will this new link tool require spun content?

  • Dawn

    can’t wait to learn more… about tool and affiliate program – where do we sign-up?

  • admin


    once you create an account you will be able to sign up as an affiliate, creating an account is free..


  • admin


    no spun content and all you need to provide is a URL, anchor text and a breif description you want used


  • Revitol

    To get this clear for me:

    When a customer orders 100 SB’s or 60 WP’s it is the links to the links included right?

    Not 1o0 bare SB links and that we have to buy another package to build links to the first package.

    As I read it the package is an “All in one” package, but I would like to be 100% sure.

  • Simon Harris

    @ Cinjon

    I’m a little confused as to what you’re asking…sorry.

    We offer:

    100 social bookmarks (2 URL’s, 3 anchor texts for each, 2 descriptions for each) – we will promote these bookmarks to increase the indexing of the social bookmark links themselves.

    60 web2.0 profile links (2 URL’s, 1 anchor text for each URL) – 1 short description (max 125 characters) which will include both URL’s.

    These come from about 35-40% Angela Links and the remaining 60%+ are from NEW sources every month!

    Every month, we find another 30-35 web2.0 sites so that if you were to buy 1 web2.0 package every month for a particular URL, you would get backlinks from new sources each month.

    We also promote these web2.0 profile links in order to boost the number of links that get indexed.

    Hope that helps!

  • Simon Harris

    @ Revitol

    Yes, we will build the “links to the links” – it is all included in the package.

    So, if you buy 100 social bookmarks and/or 60 web2.0 profile links we promote these for you!

  • Ben Shaffer

    Just what I’ve been waiting for. I’ll be your first customer!

    On another note, in the UK at least, Bookabonk has very amusing connotations. Not sure if that has been said already…

  • How To Lose Weight

    Sounds like a great service. It seems worthwhile for the price alone and then I’ll experiment from there to decide if I can use it ongoing.

    thanks for the heads up Dave!

  • Justin

    This looks like a great service. Will be buying this for a few of my sites and if it works well will also act as a middleman for some of my clients.

    Love the fact that it isn’t a recurring subscription model.

  • Carson

    Hey Dave,

    This sounds like a real winner and takes a lot of the pain out of social bookmarking and bookmark generation. I too have used many of the automated tools with varying sucess.

    Sign me up.

  • scott

    How many links to Each Social Bookmark

    and how many for Each of the web 2.0 profiles?
    on Average?



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