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What Makes a Link Campaign Successful?

October 11th, 2010 : · 23 Comments ·

What is the single biggest factor that allows one link campaign to succeed where another similar link campaign fails?

Think about it?

Is it the quality of the site your link is coming from? Well.. sometimes..

Is it the volume of links you acquire? Ummm.. that might be a part of it.

Is Social Bookmarking effective? Well, yes, if done the right way.

What about web profiles? Yep, they can work too. Most of you have probably seen the packets that Angela Edwards has been selling for a couple years. Pretty good stuff right? Yea, sort of.

But all of these are missing one VITALLY important element.

Tell me what you think that one missing “link’ is for the vast majority of link campaigns, and the one that most often separates a winning campaign from one that struggles.

And if you can’t figure it out, I’ll tell you….

On Tuesday October 19th at 12 noon US Eastern time. Goes live.

- Dave -

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  • Paul

    Missing link is…

    1) a variety of all of those links you mentioned

    2)linking TO those links… “backlink your backlinks”… or some other method (pinging, etc..) of getting your backlinks -indexed-.


  • Nick Brighton

    Good content.

    The measure of success isn’t how many links you have, or where they’re coming from. Instead, it is the traffic, customers and subscribers that your links create.

    That’s impossible without good content.

  • Paul Graham

    I’m not too sure about your question Dave, but “bookabonk” could easily be mistrued as something a little, erm, saucy :)

  • Corky

    3) Varying your keyword used to link to you.

  • dave

    Backlinking your social backlinks from sites like digg, stumbleupon, etc.

  • steve

    Hi Dave

    I think the campaigns that work the best tend to be supported by reinforcing the backlinks. Bookmarking and using RSS will help to reinforce the link.

    Be interested to find out whether anyone has some proof of this concept.

    All the best


  • jom

    Steady Velocity!

  • Matt

    The missing link is:


    Not any old content, but content which adds value.


  • Jan

    1. In-content links, so no “bare” profilelinks but links with content around it. Preferably on web 2.0 sites.

    2. A variety in keywords/anchortexts.

    3. Not putting all backlinks to the homepage.

    4. Getting your backlinks indexed or else it won’t be noticed by the search engines.

    I am curious what this service will be, Linkvana requires original content to be written and to be put in the system.

    So the system itself might be almost hands-off, the pre-work isn’t. Hopefully this new system is really almost hands-off.

  • Gary

    The problem with social bookmarks and angela’s links is that they don’t always get indexed or carry enough weight.

    Backlinks need to be built to them in order to increase the chances that they’ll be indexed … which would be extremely difficult and time consuming….

    Unless it was possible to automate it…


    Only article submitting help

  • Arty

    Is it bounce rate?

  • Al

    It’s having a good flow of links from all sorts of sites.. forums, blogs, directories, high/low PR sites… need variety!

  • Domains at Retail

    Authority links from places like ziki, or stumble and then getting them backlinked with lots of backlinks so you get a good percentage of links actually being indexed and counted.. kind of like a service you got already ;)

    p.s. i love google cache.. :)

  • michael


    People have to be interested in what you are offering or what you have to say, otherwise they will not come to your site no matter how many ‘tools’ you use.

    Creating interest is therefore the key.

  • SteveH

    Oh Dave! ‘Bookabonk’!! I think you had better look up what ‘bonk’ means in the UK! Try the Urban Dictionary:

  • Bob

    My semi serious answer is ‘having someone else who knows what they’re doing, doing it for you’ which might tie in with bookabonk . Might not – either way always enjoy reading your posts.

  • cheap health insurance

    I think you have to have a little bit of everything becuase you never know what factors are going to be weighted later on.

    A couple years ago articles worked great, but now its blog posts/ comments and press release links.

    They can only de vaule so many different types of links until there is nothing left. So I like every quality link I can get and then I amp up the links that seem to be weighted more.


  • Sandra

    I think you need a variety of links, most within the good content and definitely links to your backlinks.

    I think bookabonk will some kind of bookmarking service with probably some great/usefull spin on it for us marketers since Dave is such a cleaver guy.


  • Matt

    As it’s been mentioned a couple of times, I will also say that you might want to consider not calling the service

    Might give the wrong impression :-)

    Whatever name it goes out under, bring it on…


  • Mark

    Hey Dave

    Well, from the name of this new service I’m guessing like the other commenters above that this involves bookmarking in some way and probably social profiles since you mentioned that in the post as well.

    Possibly using accounts from its members and rotating so there is variety. There are services out there that do things like this however I trust this twist you’re talking about is what’s going to make this unique! You’ve peaked our interest man ;)

  • Revitol

    I hope it’s something like Linxboss, where it’s just plug and play. Insert 2-4 keywords and a URL and the software goes to work.

    Really hope it’s something like that, another tool where we have to insert new and fresh content adds another task to the daily routine and therefore I really like hands off software :)

  • Bruce

    Looks like you might have a funky domain name for sale, as I see “Bookabonk” has morphed into LinkitPro. Must say it’ll be easier to figure out what it’s all about!

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