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A Real Case Study: Newbie to Success

September 28th, 2010 : · 10 Comments ·

You’ve heard me talk about Super Apprentice before. I own it.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, one of your goals is to make a living online. Full time.

I know for a fact that some of you are doing just this and doing quite well. I also know that there are a whole lot of you, that are not yet there, and many who don’t even see this as being a possibility, ever. And for those people, this is for you.

I am going to share with you, a brief story of a Super Apprentice member, who has actually only been a member for a few months. But I got to know this person a couple years ago, when they first became a customer of mine for another product. Let’s just call this person “Joe”.

When I first got to know Joe, he was a complete newbie, I mean newbie in every sense of the word. He didn’t even know how to copy and paste text, let alone know what to do to make money online. But Joe had a ton of determination, and a real willingness to learn.

Joe told me he his goal was to be able to quit his job and earn his living full time in the world of online marketing within a couple of years. Well, we’re just about at that two year time frame, and while Joe isn’t quite there yet, he is getting really close, and just told me that his target date for being his own boss full time is June 2011, and he is pretty certain he is going to make it.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, Joe has allowed me to share with you part of what he is doing to make this happen.

And what I am going to show you comes directly from the Super Apprentice members forum. I have not changed his text, and I did not ask him to do this.

Joe’s First Post..
LIVE Case Study – My Flippa Auction
Literally went live less than 5 mins ago-—150Mo–Established-Site

I encourage all to follow along. There are things I will discuss over the next couple of days that I have done right and what I could have done better.

Hope in any small way this can help here encourage the use of Flippa and/or learn from my mistakes.

Member Response:
Wow.. So this site produce $3 a day.
That’s nice!

Joe’s Followup:
It’s more like $7-$8 a day now. :)

Member Response:
Right.. That’s awesome..
I have no idea how [subject] could give you $8 a day.. lol

Joe’s Response
I barely had the auction posted and got an offer of $1200 through a PM at Flippa. Now the person may or may not know but this kind of thing is a no-no according to Flippa’s TOS. My understanding is, is that if a site is listed at Flippa, you are bound to only be using their site to sell your website as long as the auction is live.

A lot more questions were asked about specifics of my CTR with my Adsense earnings. Also against Adsense TOS. Most likely just an over anxious buyer, but when it comes to things like this, its best to play it safe.

Joe’s Followup:
Guaranteed $600. First bid. Stay tuned…

Joe’s Followup
Bid is now at $1250… Off of [subject]!

Joe’s Followup:
So I was logging in to Flippa to take a screenshot of how many people were watching the auction because I was going to buy an auction upgrade to feature it on the first page of Flippa. Well low and behold….

SOLD. For $2400.

Could I have got more for it? Don’t care. You know why? I now have a buyer that is sitting there with cash in hand if I decide I have another that fits the parameters he is looking for.

This one goes into the win column.

Thanks all for watching though this was supposed to be a 3 day
case study.


OK, folks, here’s the thing. Joe is building ONE site per week like this. One stinking lousy site. He is doing it in his free time.

Now will every site he builds earn him $2400 when sold? No. Some will actually earn MORE, but some will earn less. But that’s four to five sites per month he is building. Sure it takes a few months for the sites to mature to the point where he can literally sell off a site per week.

But you do the math. Folks, this is how you make a decent living online. Is he going to become a millionaire doing this? Of course not. Can he make a lot more than his full time job is now paying him? Absolutely!

Remember, Joe could not copy and paste two short years ago.

Remember the FatCat Blueprint? 100% done with Super Apprentice.

There is a reason Super Apprentice is still going strong, and going into it’s fourth year. Quite simply it works. It will not become obsolete.

Here’s the deal, yes, I am trying to get you to join Super Apprentice, that’s what I do, but I get probably 150-200 emails per week, from people asking what is the real secret to making money online. These folks don’t want to get rich. They just want to make some extra money in a really rotten economic period. Maybe take a nice vacation, pay the mortgage, pay the rent. Buy clothes for the kids. That’s what most people are looking for.

Well, this is HOW you do it.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. I am giving you a FREE, three day trial of Super Apprentice. You get everything in those three days except one thing. The full Super Apprentice Blueprint. But you get some of it. But for those three days you can look at everything we offer, check out the forum, and if you decide it’s simply not for you, just cancel in your Paypal account. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

But if you are like Joe, if you want to learn, if you are willing to put in some real time and not give up in a few short weeks, because it will take longer than a few short weeks, then Super Apprentice is HOW you can make money. How much money? Who cares? If you spend $47 and you earn $400 would you be happy? It’s about baby steps, then those baby steps become bigger steps.

Joe did not succeed overnight, it has taken him two years to get where he is at now.

There are two types of people who try and earn money online. Those who really want to earn money but really don’t want to put the time and effort into it. And those who really want to earn money online, and are going to put their heart and soul into making it happen. Guess which group succeeds?

If you want to be a “Joe”, just give Super Apprentice a whirl. Visit Super Apprentice here.

If not, I understand.

- Dave -

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  • Internet Specialists

    Hey Dave

    Congratulations to Joe for that success! Goes to show that perseverance pays off. I do admit I never thought of that niche to be so profitable so I also thank you for sharing since most marketers would not reveal such a thing.

    I think this alone goes to show how transparent you are Dave. I’ve purchased a few of your products in the past and have used them in our own business successfully. Although I’m not a part of Super Apprentice, I’m sure it’s a great program if you’re running the ship :)

    Thanks for being a great teacher!

  • Eric

    Interesting case study. Thanks for sharing and congrats to ‘Joe’ for his success.

    I just read the sales letter of Super Apprentice. Lots of similarity with Profit Loophole. Can you please explain the difference between the two? Also is Authority Loophole (the second product I bought from you) part of Super Apprentice?

    Please advise and thanks in advance.


  • David

    Hey Dave – I’m an old customer looking at FatCat Blueprint and Super Apprentice. FCB looks like a great passive income business model. SA conjures up mental images of the hamster wheel. But it’s a bird in the hand for newbies to finally make money. Looks like 2 great products. You said: “FatCat Blueprint? 100% done with Super Apprentice.” How does Bertil make $50K/mo. flipping sites? Obviously his sites aren’t hitting the glass ceiling and disappearing – and he’s making passive income.

    I’m looking for some help/membership building small sites – adsense & CPA. Perhaps just going after 1 KW with 3-10 LSI KW pages. Then setting up some “auto” linking – that looks natural over time. And list building when the niche is right for it. Call it the Ron Popell biz model – “Set it and forget it.” When I hit a winner, some paid traffic may apply. I think I have the market and KW research ability to do this – i.e. win the game before playing it.

    Dave, I have the upmost respect for your opinions and knowledge … hope you find time to chime in.

  • admin

    @eric; Super Apprentice picks up where Profit Loophole left off, it iincludes profit loophole but provides the tools for accomplishing everything, including promo, Auth Loophole was a free product so you couldnb’t have purchased that one, perhaps you’re thinking of ranking Loophole? Neither of those 2 are related to Profit Loophole or Super Apprentice.


  • Chris

    Hey Dave, just wondering if you ever expand to authority sites, and if so does the superapprentice touch on that? Seems the trend is google is favoring them, the 10 page sites are probably ok but the sites that are 1-3 pages of content I hear were heavily slapped.

  • Leslie


    Can you go into more details about super apprentice vs. Profit loophole?

    When you say ‘promo’ do you mean it provides tools for making promotion easier or provides information on promotion or both?

  • Russ

    Hey Dave,

    I wanted to take a moment and let you know that it was you who and the Ultimate Loophole that got me started in my online business.

    I tool principles you teach and created my own membership site.

    In less then 4 months it replaced my brick and mortar business income, “my salary”.

    The site is ranked 31k Alexa World wide and 17k USA.

    Thanks Dave!

  • ron

    It seems the current owner of this domain or the original owner (joe) of whom you speak is the well known internet marketer Ben Shaffer.
    Could you please explain this?

  • admin

    @Ron, This is because Ben was the one who purchased it from ‘Joe’. They are not the same person.

  • Yip

    H Dave,

    I am a complete newbie. Do I need to have a website and a Google Adsense account before I am eligible to join Super Apprentice?

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