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Bing Announces Rewards Program

September 22nd, 2010 : · 10 Comments ·

Haven’t tried Bing Yet? Well now they’re going to make it more worth your time by offering a rewards program, where you earn credits for using Bing, and various Bing features. You can then redeem earned credits for a variety of merchandise or even donate them to chairity. Personally I think this has the potential to be big. Time will tell. Your thoughts?

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  • J-Man

    I think this has potential to be huge because it follows in line with Google’s main template for success- Fremium – rather googles concept in a sort of membership (disguised as a “club”)

    Give away things to generate revenue… finally, Microsoft is modeling the plane after the birds wings, so to speak… Google is successful because of the exact same model Bing is trying so unless the masses have been changed considerably in perception, it should follow suite… then Google will slap themselves in the forehead for not thinking of it first. (but they will implement something similar, that is inevitable).


  • J-Man

    -Also, this model is extremely simular to the way that (which failed really) those browser plug ins that would rotate ads, and intercepted your search results with some “suggested” sites (which would pay someone if someone in the network clicked it…

    The difference is this won’t be bombarding you with banners you have to keep up or tracking software that is invasive to your “browsing experience”… They simply took that concept, mixed it with Googles theology of fremium (so to speak) and you get the same thing less the annoying software or bloatware… I think people would respond more to money than “gift store items” but I also realize that they are going to be paying for this with advertizing revenue and advertizing networks/deals of those sites that have the items they will “give away for points”… in a way I think it smells also like a bit of a television game show, a new concept in product placement… give away a few things to make people aware of your product, brand, store, site url, and so on… only they are passing the commissions normally paid to the ad platform on to the consumer in Bings name…

    or I could be wrong and they are just funneling ad revenue into giving away probably cheap stuff, or making deals with product manufactures- either way this lowers their overhead in advertizing as well as moving a substantial amount of traffic away from competing SE’s like google and toward Bing… I think in the end the quality of the end product the consumer will have privy to (options too), will determine if this becomes viral and gets people to switch.

    I don’t believe you will get joe blow to switch from his adored “google” search engine over to bing for a cheesey watch or picture of elvis on a plate, especially if that plate costs him 2,000,000 searches LOL.

    The idea is brilliant, not new, but a new consilidation of recently available resources in an intelligent way… I think it will take off- if they don’t insult the end users intelligence with a cheap library of goods to trade for points… If there is a money option I’d do ALL my searching there, although, it would also depend on the currency exchange of time/searching vs. what I can buy for an hour of my time…

    Just my four pennies.


  • Curt Snow

    Anything Bing can do to further leverage their merger with Yahoo and add more loyal users is a good thing.

    Personally, I’m tired of Google and their digital tyranny and I have been using Bing more and more just because I hate Google so much.

    I think “Instant” was a massive mistake on Google’s part and will cause people to do one of two things; leave Google, or complain until it’s removed.

    My two cents worth.

  • Nick Brighton

    So long as the engine matches Google’s, and the advertisers make positive ROI, then I can see it working well.

    The only issue I can see, is that Google was essentially founded on something less tangeable than Advertiser support or wacky gimmicks… they became a cultural icon, a cool brand.

    Google is now as engrained into our society as Visa or Pepsi. For Bing to compete, they’re going to have to offer something more than a reward system.

    However, the reward system itself could gain enough PR and actual users that it simply does take over Google over time.

    Remember, once you’ve set your default engine, it often takes a momumental shift to even consider changing to another.

    That may be part of the Bing strategy… get people using the product, and build out through passive loyalty.

    They’ve been pushing ads heavily in the UK for over 6 months on primtime TV now, so they’ve clearly got full intentions to give Google a good run.

    And about time I say… the monopoly of Google is frightening.

  • Nikolai

    Note to self: watch after decreasing click quality from Bing. I wonder what the advertisers will say when they see their EPCs drop…

  • Greg

    The average Joe understands rewards club, he can’t think, look and type at the same time (G Instant).

    My experience with Instant is I just ignore the crap that is happening until I have finished my typing, so Google you wasted your time with this and to top it all off, I used to get pleasure out of tying my keywords and hitting enter to see results now, nothing happens as it is there?

    Weird feeling.

    Bing just need to get the word out.


  • Neil

    This could be interesting for sure. We’ll have to wait and see I guess but for now, I’d say this is a positive move by BING.

  • Neethu

    I just installed the tool bar on my IE 9, it worked great..I got 250 credits for just signup. There are few promotions that comes along…cool prizes as well. i hate toolbar but bing rewards forces me to install…it will be nice if I can use rewards program just in, overall looks great..good start for Bing to attempt to gain more users..

  • Wayne Helmore

    I can also see a potential issue for large companies where staff members could be spending a lot of time using Bing just to create points for their personal use, this could lead to large organisations removing Bing for all users within the company.

  • jack

    I stopped using google because of that annoying popup for google chrome. Now Bing has an annoying popup for bing rewards.

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