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Bing/Yahoo Set to Merge SERPS By September

June 17th, 2010 : · 15 Comments ·

It looks like the long awaited merging of BING Search results into Yahoo is about to begin in the next few weeks, and be fully implemented by late summer.

For those of you who are well positioned in BING search results, this will be a very welcome change.

For those of you not well positioned in Bing, The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole which was released by Chris Rempel and myself back in late 2008, combined with LinkuMate , is more relevant than ever. If you don’t believe me just watch the second video on the Ultimate Search Engine Loohole sales page which I updated just a week or two ago.

This merging of SERPS will give Bing a market share of around 25%. While that is significantly below Google’s market share, it is nevertheless, significant.

Ignore it at your financial peril.

If you want more details, here is a Video from Microsoft/Yahoo that details things a bit better.

- Dave

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  • Cheetu Jaisinghani

    That’s a great news, I am ranking will for many terms on both of them, I will track how they are going to merge and effect my sales…

    Hip Hip Hureeaaa….


  • Tia

    That’s really interesting. I’ll have to read your other posts (I just got this link in your newsletter) but 25% market share doesn’t seem very compelling. Perhaps that just represents the many, many Microsoft employees and partners (when I worked for a MS partner, we were literally not allowed to use any other search engine than Bing).

    I’m wondering how much of the content out there Bing really indexes. My sites rank well in Google and Yahoo and are not even on the radar in Bing. Could be something I’m doing (or not doing).

    If your site is ranking well in Yahoo, what does the merger mean for that?



  • Wasa

    I am excited with the news, This is huge and history in the making, Thanks for being there.

    Love your wisdom and guidance.

  • Alex

    Thanks Dave – it seems that we’ve been hearing of this for years!

    The slides on the presentation were all on the PPC angle how do you see SEO being affected?

    All The Best


  • Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso


    I believe you’re right. While separately both Bing and Yahoo didn’t mean much in competition with BIG Google, the merger and the 25% market share will start to make them count.

    This, though… may be only the first step to change the world of search.

    They won’t stop here, while Google will seek new ways to secure their fief and even get some more…

    We shall see, but the battle will be interesting to follow.

    And we will be fortunate to be able to cash in from their loopholes, heh?…

    Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso

  • Navin singh

    It will be very interesting to see the new search results of yahoo+bing. The work of SEO is going to be very tough and specific..Thanks for giving such useful info.

  • Forex STF

    this is a big news for SEM player.

  • Tobi Rhayne

    Funny thing is, using the loophole and my own network I get great rankings in Google an Yahoo…but they suck in Bing!

  • Greg

    Hi Dave,

    Been there since the beginning and it works well for me.

    Have noticed a real spike in Yahoo over Bing, with lots of top page one results on Yahoo.

    Interested to see how it goes in September.



  • Lani

    Awesome information to keep us updated. Things are changing to fast to keep up with. Thank for being on the ball and sharing it! Lani

  • Best Coffee Beans

    I hardly ever see any rankings for keywords in Bing. I do get ranked in Yahoo! I have one keyword ranked as number 1 in Yahoo! but I see very little, if any, traffic from it. This is interesting though. Thanks for the heads up!

  • John Stewart

    Just a quick email Dave to let you know i greatly admire your honesty and straight forward way in which you deal with IM as a relative newbie to this arena i am constantly on a upward learning curve but enjoying the ride

    Best Regards


  • Todd Bobal

    This is interesting news. I too rarely see any rankings in bing. Yahoo is a different story. Almost the same results a best coffee beans.
    I too thank you for the news.

  • Bowtrol Colon Cleanser Review

    Thanks for the heads-up. I hope that this change won’t make a big difference to the serps where we have good positions. It could be better for a lot of people and it could be worse, as there will be more results trying to get to the top.

    It will be interesting to see what happens after this merger.

    Cheers, Barry

  • Carson

    Hey Dave,

    Your information is always very insightful.

    Thanks to the Loophole I rank well on Bing and Yahoo


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