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Have You Ever Heard of the FatCat BluePrint?

May 7th, 2010 : · 19 Comments ·

As many of you know..  or maybe you don’t..  I own Super Apprentice -

There, now you know :)

Have you ever heard of the  FatCat BluePrint?

What is the FatCat BluePrint?

Well, click the link and you’ll find out. But before you do…

I want you to know that every penny shown on their earnings screenshots is 100% true.

How do I know?

Because their entire business was built using Super Apprentice.

Yep, that individual is a long time Super Apprentice member.

Sure, the FatCat Blueprint’s sales page is filled with hype. But it’s also filled with facts.

Give it a read.

- Dave -

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  • Abhik

    Hi Dave,

    quick question. Is it worth getting this guide if we already have your guide, Profit Loophole?

  • Lee

    Is what the sales letter claims about making money almost right away true? I’ve used many different approaches with niche sites and it has always been about two months or more before they started showing significant earnings.

    Is he on to something here or is it just hype?

  • Faye Herl

    Interesting. I might look into it. I will clear some time Monday.

  • JOHN

    Hi Dave,

    If they uses Super Apprentice to build their business, would SA be a better place to start off with or should we jump right into the Fatcat Blueprint?


  • admin

    Abhik, The auhor of FCN takes a different approach to monetization than what I teach in PL.. There are some areas that overlap but there are certainly some differences – Dave

  • admin

    Lee, You can start making money quickly but not the bulk of your money, it still will take soe time to get things ramped – Dave

  • admin

    John, Well, SA has it’s own complete blueprint which was built on the profit loophole model, FCB uses a somewhat different approach, but both use SA, In a perfect world, I’d say use both, but that’s not always an option for a lot of folks.. – Dave

  • Lynsey Pat

    Thanks for this Dave. As usual top class info.
    Many Thanks

  • Jim

    Hi Dave:

    Given a timeline of say 8 months what you estimate to be the monetary milestones by utilizing the FatCat methodology.



  • admin

    Jim, it’s virtually impossible to answer that question since there are so many variables, including but not limited to, how many sites you build, whether you do them yourself or outsource.. the niches and keywords you choose.. I’ll just say that if you work hard at it, you will succeed..


  • Bruce

    The FCB site is pretty hypey, but you seem fine with it’s content, hence I’m looking seriously.

    Are these are Wordpress based sites?

    Is it safe to assume the real work is not the site creation, but rather the traffic generation?


  • admin

    Bruce, the sites are NOT Wordpress sites..

    Traffic generation is always he key with any type of site..


  • magumba


    SA is ancient in adsense years. Is it still working well or is it another of the many products whose future will never resemble the past …



  • Faye Herl

    Ok Dave, I bought it. Hopefully I can get to the nuts and bolts this next week as I would like to get another 8 sites built this month yet implementing both programs on the SA site.

  • J-Man

    I just got the Fatcat BP and am checking it out. I know that many people trust dave’s opinion, he’s usually right on the money, and doesn’t suggest a product he doesn’t believe works, I’ll report back when I’m finished… but so far, just reading the story in the beginning has me optomistic! I’m looking at this more for the traffic intel than anything else :)


  • brian

    Dave you are confusing me. Am I supposed to buy profit loophole or fatcat Blueprint or maybe even super Apprentice or perhaps the lot ( only joking) cant afford that


  • Tia

    Fat Cat Blueprint is great. It completely changed the way my partner and I look at building profitable Adsense sites. I highly recommend it as one way to do it. It’s a solid system. There are other ways, of course, but the author is so thorough and provides literally a complete outline of his system and how to reproduce it.

  • Steve Balmer

    Hey Dave, attractive products, for sure.

    i have a somewhat unrelated question.

    do you use a plugin to list the keywords
    “Incoming search terms for the article:” ?



  • admin

    @Steve, the plugin is called SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2


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