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A Super Easy Way to Find Secondary and LSI Keywords..

April 14th, 2010 : · 20 Comments ·

Keyword research is someting everyone reading this has done and needs to do on an ongoing basis.

Everyone has their favorite tools and techniques.

I’m going to share with you a super easy way to get some really good secondary and LSI keywords using Google.

Step 1) Go to Google and enter your primary search phrase

Step 2) Once the results appear, click ’show options’ which is near the top left

Step 3) Then click the link that says ‘Wonderwheel’

Step 4) You’ll see the first level of keyword results

Step 5) To keep digging deeper, click on any of the links in the wheel

That’s it. Google is giving you a LOT of LSI keywords. They are giving you ideas for categories if you’re sites are silo’d.
As I said this tool is super easy, something a little different than what many of you are probably using but it works.

Don’t worry about the numbers. They are giving you some really great keywords.

- Dave -

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  • Newbie

    This WW is really great…and it seems that if you are after long tail KW, then all you need to do is drill down a few layers…thanks for this tip man!

  • Metodi (wp Sales Engine)

    Thanks for that Dave,

    this is a cool tip that suits your Profit Loophole system very well… Especially the writing of the articles.

    I think I could give this to my writer and he could work some keywords out himself for each article…



  • J-Man

    This is a great LSI tool- Thanks!

  • Russ

    Hey Dave!

    Glad to hear from you once in awhile! I appreciate the fact that you are not spamming me with constant offers in my email!

    Thanks for the great keyword tip, I will look into it to help my current members come up with ideas for content submissions.


  • Michael

    Excellent tool Dave, thanks for finding it and sharing it.

    Much appreciated!

  • Internet Specialist

    Hey Dave

    When the Wonder Wheel first came out we used it as you said to Silo many of our sites. The visual representation definitely makes it cooler. I also glance at the universal search results located at the bottom of the SERP’s..which I believe are the same results for the Wonder Wheel right?

    Regardless, digging visually stimulates more ideas at times :) With all the keyword tools available it’s easy to forget that Google pretty much gives you most of what you need if you know where to look!

    Thanks again for reminding me of this tool.


  • Lilian

    I have not tried yet but seems a great idea, thanks for letting me know.

  • John Reed

    Thanks Dave, it reminds me about LSI – hope that still means Latent Symantec Indexing and not something terribly rude!!
    Query, can I assume that Digging is now out of favour if Digg applied a No-Follow policy, or have I misunderstood the principle?

  • Neo

    I agree that google Wonderwheel is very useful for finding LSI keywords.
    But did you just found out about wonderwheel? Anyone who is following info on google should know this info at least a year back.
    Or you just wanted something useful to uopdate your blog since you haven’t done that for a while?


  • John Reed

    Blimey Dave, I must be getting forgetful in my old age (65 next month – hooray!) – your site is a real boon. I’d completely forgotten about Profit Loophole!! I’ll look it up again as soon as I have time………. I think I’m better placed to make use of it now!

  • GagnerArgent

    This is a greta no cost way of finding keywords, but I still haven’t really understood LSI and how to implement it easily…

  • Alex Miller

    Great tip Dave…never seen WW before…is this really new?

  • Justin

    Thanks for the reminder. Like Neo said, it has been around for a spell, but I had forgotten all about it. I need to get back in to the swing of things. Great reminder. (Did I say that already? I to must be getting older ;) )

  • LG

    You’re right the wonder wheel is a great tool, I’ve been using it for the past six months with great results.

  • admin

    Alex, I believe wonderwheel was launched about this time a year or so ago.. someone correct me if I’m wrong..

    Neo, I’ve known about WW since around the time it was launched.. I was talking to someone a couple weeks ago and mentioned it to them and they had not heard of it which kind of surprised me so I figured it might not be too well known


  • Isotonix

    The wonder wheel is a great tool for finding related keywords. I also use the suggest tool that pops up when you type a search term into

  • andrew

    awesome tip, thanks for that. It actually works.

  • Bank Safes

    Any action on Profit Loophole lately? I’ve checked here, several other blogs/forums, and even flippa – and there seems to be no activity. Is anybody ding this anymore? I sure am!

  • admin

    Bank Safes.. Most of the action relating to Profit Loophole has morphed over to – Dave

  • Steve @ Flight Simualtor 4

    Hi – Do the results from wonder wheel really work as in, are they the related keywords considered by Google to be closest to your main keyword/synonyms.

    Just like they used to provide in the old keyword tool including the bottom of the old tool under ‘Additional keywords to consider’?

    Been searching the ins and outs of new google keyword tool and related pages for ages looking for Google’s alternative, so hope the wonder wheel is close replacement.

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