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A Simple Trick to Allow Non US Searchers to View Google’s US SERPS

February 17th, 2010 : · 6 Comments ·

I’d like to share with you a very simple little Google trick that will likely prove very helpful to those of you NOT located in the USA.

One of the obstacles many non US based marketers face is that while most of you are targeting the US market, when you do a search on Google, the results default to your country version of Google’s SERPS.

But there is a very easy way around this.

When you perform a Google search and you get your results, Let’s say you are in the UK and searching for Apple Ipod..

your result URL string will look something like this

Now if you want to see the US Google results, it’s very simple to do so, simply add..


to the end of the search string and repeat:

In this case

and that will give you the US results.

- Dave -

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  • Alex Miller

    Hi Dave – thanks for posting that; is this different to searching in the UK on as that is what I do….

  • wai kei

    Thanks for the info Dave.
    It seems that if the URL string is very long, it stretches beyond the browser search box and I cannot get in &GL=us.
    Is there a way to address this?

  • admin

    Wai Kei, Which browser are you using? that is a very short URL string compard to what a browser address bar can handle?? – Dave

  • Rich Russell

    If you you use Firefox or Flock, you can install the Google Global add on. It lets you view results from several different territories and you can stop Google from personalising your results.


  • Alan

    Hi Dave,
    For some reason adding &GL=us did not work for me – google kept binging mainly Aussie websites.

    My workaround so far was to:
    1. Go to any anonymous proxy website
    2. Type in google’s website
    3. Wait for the google search box to appear
    4. Type in my search string

    However, for some peculiar reason this would disable my PPC Web Spy results, which I find extremely useful.

    Rich’s suggestion of installing Google Global Add-on worked as a charm and is by far the simplest.

    Thank you Rich babe :)

  • Emma

    You can also install a html page on you server using the park domain code for a window with google as the main page anduse the server location to give results for that country ( like canada, us,uk,etc) You can even see pages that are rstricted to that country too including signups for certain sites (depends on the cookie!)

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