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One of my Pet Peeves..

January 29th, 2010 : · 2 Comments ·

If you sell anything online, how often does this happen to you.

Someone buys one of your products, your system sends the buyer their login info etc..

Five hours later you receive an email from this person stating they never received their login details.  fine, happens all the time.

So you rpely, with their login info again, then two hours later you get another email from the same person stating they still haven’t received their login details. You email them again. Three hours later the process repeats itself. This time they are accusing you of running some type of scam etc..

Well, then you take some time and do a little research, trying to figure out what is going on, and what do you discover? This individual is using a spam arrest or other similar service to protect themselves from junk mail.

And you’ve got a half dozen junk mails from spam arrest sitting in your junk folder requiring you authenticate yourself before the email can be delivered.

Now to a buyer, this may not seem like a big deal, but for the busines owner, who deals with volume it is a huge deal.

Here’s the bottom line. Those emails these services send out requiring someone to confirm who they are also end up in most junk bins.

To expect businesses to sort through junk mail and confirm who they are when you are the one that has purhcased a prooduct and needs to receive certain information, is a bit of a stretch.

There is nothing wrong with using these services for personal email. But if you’re conducting business online, either buying or selling, stop using these services because it’s not the business owner that is ignoring you.

- Dave

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  • Ziah

    Good post. People have got to remember to check this stuff if they are not getting their emails…it’s pretty darn simple to possibly remember “I’m using a spam blocker…maybe that is why I am not getting my mail?” It’s kinda silly actually. I noticed more marketers having a thank you page telling people to make sure they check their spam folders if they don’t get their login stuff. Still….it should be their responsibility to check this stuff. Greetings from Berlin

  • Scott

    I understand both sides of the argument as a marketer and a buyer.

    I’ve not gotten emails even though I am not using a spam blocker at all. But my ISP does and I have no control of it.

    Maybe a solution would be to give users their login details on a web page after they submit the form or order, etc.

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