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Are you really getting the full value of article marketing?

August 26th, 2009 : · 28 Comments ·

There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your site, some more effective than others.

But probably one of the easiest and most reliable ways to get traffic is through the creation and submission of articles to article directories.

This me seem really simplistic and your first reaction might be, yea, tell me something I didn’t already know.

But there are many different ways of approaching article submission, some that will work a LOT better than others.

There are a lot of tools that will allow you to submit your article to hundreds if not thousands of article directories.

But let’s talk reality here, there are not thousands or even hundreds of article directories worth submitting to.

The truth is there are probably 20 article directories that would be considered good choices for submission, but of those, probably less than 10 are the real players and of those we start getting down to 1 or 2 that can deliver for you.

But I want to tell you how I approach article marketing and why.

1) I never submit the same article to more than 1 directory. No dupe content is submitted anywhere.

2) I don’t even bother with anything more than the top 2 or 3 article directories and even then, I generally focus on just one the majority of the time.

3) 100% of my content submitted to article directories is unique. It is not spun content, it is not scraped content.

But doesn’t spun content get you a lot of links from second tier directories? Well, yes and no. Go ahead and spin an article using one of the many tools available, submit it to 1000 directories and see how much traffic or link juice you get from it. It won’t be a lot.

But take one unique well written article and submit it to EZA and you’ll get far more in return.

Another mistake I think people make is that too often article submission is looked upon solely as a link building technique, and while it can certainly help with link building, one of the biggest benefits of article submission is the direct traffic it can bring you.

Let me give you some examples.

I have a few accounts at EZA. One of my newer accounts has 376 live articles. These were largely submitted over the past 8 months.

In that time these articles have received 150,044 views, and have received 24,463 clicks from my author bio link to my sites.

That’s a CTR of over 16%

For those of you who have read my Profit Loophole course, you know that I mention the power of traffic from EZA.

You really don’t need to do a lot of additional promo on articles submitted there, they tend to do pretty well on their own.

But I’ve had sites whose sole means of traffic is direct referrals from an EZA article, and these were sites that I ended up cashing out for a pretty decent sum of money.

Recently I tested a product that is selling like crazy at Clickbank. It essentially is an article spinner, supposedly one of the better ones.

Well, I spent a decent amount of time learning the program, and wanted to put it to the test. I created what were really pretty good spun articles. The program comes with an article submission module as well.

You know how many of 527 articles that I created from 1 original got through EZA’s initial automated filters?

Exactly 3.

Sure, some of them were accepted at second and third tier directories, but what I am trying to say is, what a colossal waste of time when I could have, in that same time frame, myself, written probably 4 or 5 articles of far better quality that would in the long run deliver far more back to me than those 527 spun articles would.

I’m not saying there are not ’some’ uses for spun content, but it still amazes me that so many people are still buying this stuff, and still looking for the magic bullet, that one shortcut that will lead them to the promised land of online riches.

If you want to make money off of spun article content, or mass directory submissions, it’s not likely to happen doing it the way most folks do. What you need to do is build another tool like all the others, because people will still buy them in droves.

And then when it doesn’t work, they will buy the next tool that claims to do it better.

Having run a business where we insisted on original content in our network, I can tell you that it is a waste of time, and is so easy to catch.

Just last week, we had an individual whom I am pretty certain was using this exact software tool I mention above try and slam one of our networks with 60,000 spun posts. Guess what. All deleted.

If you are really serious about making a real living online, focus on what really works, not something that may work for a couple weeks but has no long term viability.

With the kind of traffic I receive from EZA, I could easily make a consistent $40K-$50K annually when combined with what I teach in the Profit Loophole course, with no other source of traffic.

That is very close to the median average annual income in the US. And it’s sitting right there in front of everyone, and so few actually capitalize on it, opting for failed shortcuts over sound business practices.

- Dave -

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  • Clint

    Great information and very useful. I prefer the unique content and agree that I am seeing more traffic from the unique.

  • Denny |

    I hear you Dave, I just bought that product to give it a a review.

    My verdict: Same-old-shit from 2005 coming back for another stab at internet noobs wallets.

    While my test was smaller than yours, I still had very little success with it. And agree that EZA is the only article site that really matters anymore.

    I have a few really good writers I use, but I’m thinking about giving a try to see how they perform as we are now busier than ever. Are you a principle in that as well?

  • Mike Waller

    Another excellent article Dave. Why have more than one account at EZA though?

    I hired a company this year to spin articles for me and submit to hundreds of web and articles directories but no more. I don’t believe I’m getting the kinds of results (in the form of backlinks and referrals) I should though. I’m either writing the content myself or using to write professional articles and blogs for me.

  • Sakana

    It is really hard to grasp this concept of unique articles and quality over quantity when you just starting. We all look for an automated system that would do all the work for us. That system is not here yet, but you build it
    We are trying to run a business here and this is what I keep reminding myself about.

    Does provide articles as you recommended in PL? I mean does the service take into consideratoin all elements needed to create an article overview? (I’m trying not to go into too much details on how this is done because its the secret souce)

  • admin

    Hi Mike, the reason for the multiple EZA accts, is just to keep content organized, and their usages separated, just a way of knowing which account is doing what specific function.. As for Artcilez, that makes me :) That’s mine

    - Dave -

  • admin

    Denny, yes is mine. 100% American work force..

    - Dave -

  • Doug

    I totally agree. I have one article at ezinearticles that I wrote about a year ago. It took me 15 minutes to write.

    In the last year that 1 article has been viewed over 50,000 times and has had about 3,000 clicks.

    At about $.50 a click per PPC click, I have saved about $1500 from that one article.

    And as Dave mentions, I receive very little traffic from the other article directories.

  • Claude

    Great info as usual. I have to admit Article marketing was never one of my favorite way to generate traffic because I suck at copywrtiting. might just be the solution for me.

    What about using web2.0 to generate traffic? Is it as effective as Articles?

  • Randy

    I think you must be spying on me. I used to submit tons of duplicate articles using Article Post Robot, which took forever to set up. I don’t think it did much at all.
    Then I used a spinning program, lots of work as well, and very little to show for it.
    I totally agree with this and have been trying to follow the PL plan exactly.

  • Steve

    I agree with one exception. I recently started submitting my articles to Ihaven’t checked to see what kind of clickthroughs I’m getting, but I noticed that quite a few blogs and content sites are picking up my articles and posting to their site. This is providing me with some good backlinks.

    Speaking of backlinks, what is your opinion of sites like SyndicateKahunna? They post your articles to their network of blogs. I’ve had mixed results. Some are ranking very well, some not at all.

  • admin

    Steve, articlebase is one of those in the top 10, I haven’t done much with them lately so I’d be curious to hear how your results go. As for syndicate Kahuna, since I am involved with Linkvana, I really don’t feel comfortable commenting on the competition.

    - Dave -

  • Shannon

    Dave you are always the voice of reason… and this post has come at a good time! Whilst I love Profit loophole I am getting bored of trying to rewrite the same content uniquely but mainly at the back end of the articles, maybe it’s my lack of vocabulary. I was just considering that product you referred to and knew I shouldn’t but the temptation was there.
    Thanks for saving me $77 and refocusing me on just doing the work until my sites can afford a promotional writer. There’s worse ways to make a dollar and rewriting a few articles really isn’t that bad especially when you already have all of the info in your head and can knock it out in 15-30 mins.
    I will also allow up to $20 per site on articlez for the articles I am struggling with.
    Thanks again

  • lissie

    You mention you have several accounts at EZA – I am thinking about getting another one because the one I have they just won’t upgrade me on and I am well bored with waiting 2+ weeks for articles to be approved on. Can I get another account under a fake name and link to my sites though or does the account name have to match the site’s whois details?

  • admin

    Lissie, you can use almost any name as long as you are consistent with using it and use that name in your bio, just make sure you use a different email that is valid and you will get their emails..

    - Dave -

  • Len

    Well, guess what I spent yesterday afternoon doing down here in sunny New Zealand? Dusting off an old spin machine I bought a couple of years ago and generating 15 articles from one of the original ones I wrote for ezinearticles (as per Profit Loophole).

    Today I did the submissions. All of them went through to squidoo, hubpages, wordpress etc. But NONE of them could get into ezinearticles!

    So I turned around and bashed out six or seven original ones for ezinearticles and tried them … all of them accepted!

    So I may use the spinner (it’s pretty good, really) for squidoo and so on. But I know not to waste any time trying to get spun pieces through ezinearticles.

  • Graham | uniquehitz

    What quantity of articles do you consider to be optimal for a PL site? I realize that more is better, but when following the plan and building several sites a month, generating unique articles in each niche is not easy.

  • anthony

    That’s great advice Dave. I tried multiple directories a few times and the traffic never came. Now I stick to EZA and occasionally Go Articles. As for the article spinning, I never bought any of those programs because the concept never appealed.

  • admin

    Hi Graham, a good rule of thumb is how ever many pages you have on your site to just double that amount, within reasonable limits.. as a max 10 is generally enough as that gives you plenty of flexibility, creating different ideas on the same general topic is the most difficult part..

    - Dave -

  • Sonia

    Question on keywords. Your advice was to go with keywords that had searches of 50,000 or less when searched for in quotes. Does this mean to put the quotation marks around the keywords in your title H1, H2 tags and in the body of the content on the pages?

  • admin

    Hi Sonia, no you do not want to use quotes on your page, the reference to quotes applies only when searching on Google to gauge how much true competition there is for your given keywords.

    - Dave -

  • Bill @ Internet-Marketing-Muscle

    Great info on *not spinning* your articles. I’ve always thought that was a waste of time (and in many cases, money), and now you confirm it. Now I can sleep at night!

    Seriously, this is great information. Thank you!

  • Jamie B

    I usually submit my main article to Ezine then spin it, takes about 15 to 20 minutes to make multiple unique versions (about 35 to 50% unique) to post to web 2.0 sites. It is what has been working for me lately.

  • Walter

    I bought David Wilson’s article spinner a few years ago. I usually rewrite every sentence 10 times. This is very time consuming to say the least. I probably could write 4 or five unique articles in the time it takes me to rewrite a 30 sentence article in UAW. And then what do I do with 1000 articles? Sending them out via Article Robot is another time consuming effort and doesn’t seem to work that great. It doesn’t seem like there are any shortcuts that work and I have tried most of them. Just a lot of wheel spinning going nowhere.

  • Sonia

    Walter, you’re better off just outsourcing your articles to one of Dave’s writing services. is pretty good.

  • Alex Newell

    People will spend hours if not days trying to avoid doing an hour’s work!

    Very interesting post.

  • Rich Russell

    I heard an interview with Chris Knight from EZA recently. He said that they buy this spinning software and check out the kind of content it produces.

    They can spot spun articles instantly. If you are recycling PLR stuff, it will ultimately end up in their junk bin.

    If you treat them right and submit good content, they will look after you and send you lots of traffic.


  • Me

    This is exactly what I needed to read, Dave.

    I earn a consistent 8K per month with traffic from EZA. I can take a week off and my income remains the same (maybe minus a 10 or 20 dollar a day average). The residual income from articles is absolutely incredible.

    Took me from foodstamps to a 6 figure income in 5 months, writing articles until my hands went numb for hours and hours (no job and a family to support).

    Once I saw the first money from it – I went headfirst.

    Lately, I’ve been distracted with tools. I’m a Linkvana customer (had incredible success with it). But, being distracted with “automation tools” of various sorts has gotten me way off track.

    This post got me back on track – do what you know works and don’t get distracted with short cuts.

    Best Regards

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