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Totally Useless “Monday” Trivia

August 17th, 2009 : · 7 Comments ·

There are now more file sharing sites that I care to count..

But way back in ancient times there were 2 biggies that received most of the attention.

One of those was Stroud’s and the other was TUCOWS.

Here’s the question..

Without looking it up, and you’re on the honor system here..

What was TUCOWS an abbreviation for?

There’s a little bonus for the first correct answer..

- Dave -

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  • Norm

    It was… The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software

  • Sonia


    TUCOWS is an acronym for The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software

  • admin

    Norm, and Sonia you both are correct as you already knew.. Norm, since you were first, email me at dave (AT)

    - Dave -

  • Norm

    Dave, I have to apologize… I looked it up.

    At the time I was just quickly browsing, like I often do, and missed the sentence where it said..

    “Without looking it up, and you’re on the honor system here..”

    Sorry about that…. Sonia is the real winner!


  • admin

    Thanks Norm :)

    Sonia, please email me at dave (at)

    - Dave -

  • Sonia

    I believe I emailed twice. One time about the SEO job, the other was yesterday, but got no response.

  • admin

    Hi Sonia, what address are you sending to, I do not see anything from you… though I’m only searching by Sonia.. You can reply in a comment with your email and I will not make it public,

    Which of my products do you own?
    You get a freebie for the correct answer..

    - Dave -

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