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How Fast is Google Indexing New Content Right Now?

August 17th, 2009 : · 8 Comments ·

The answer??

6 minutes..

The previous blog post was indexed by Google in exactly 6 minutes, by the time I got around to taking the screenshot above, 35 minutes had passed.
This is about as quick an indexing time as I’ve seen.

- Dave -

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  • Shawn

    I have a public blog I use for getting indexed. The other day, my blog post was indexed in minutes, and my site was indexed in 15 minutes. I had bought the domain less than an hour before.


  • Jeff

    Yeah, I’m observing the same thing with blogs I own. Considering all the new content out there being generated each minute, Google must have huge computing power in their datacenters eh?

  • admin

    Jeff, they have always had huge power, but they have never been this fast, consistently, they are really agressive with their spidering right now.

    It’s been uqite common in the past 6 months to often see pages indexed in 60 minutes but now I am seeing pages consistently getting indexed in 10 minutes or less..

    - Dave -

  • Sakana

    Well…never have really paid attention on how long G takes to index my pages. One thing for sure, not 6 mins.

  • Sonia

    Sakana…you made me chuckle. I do agree with you. I don’t know how long Google takes to index my pages either but it’s not 6 minutes.

  • Doug

    I recently had a new site indexed in about15 minutes. I think it was a result of a Digg posting. Anyway it worked.

  • Affiliate Marketing Tips

    I checked this last week by writing a new post for my blog and checking to see how long before I could fine – 17 minutes later there it was. I didn’t “promote” the post in anyway – no social bookmarking, no commenst etc. The site is a PR3 so nothing spectacular but 17 mins is pretty good – think I can live with that :o )

  • rumahsolusi

    I think not sure, cause can be google indexed 35 minutes after you submit your post 7 days

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