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Are You Addicted to Your Email Client? I Am..

August 14th, 2009 : · 12 Comments ·

I admit it, I’m addicted to my email client. Yep, I’m finding it hard to let go.

I’ve been using Eudora for longer than I care to remember, probably at least 12 years, maybe more.

I’ve been updating through the years but stopped at version 6.2 which I thought was about as rock solid as they could ever get it.

I have virtually no crashes, it has every feature that I want except one. Portability. It’s a bit of a pain to move the data between machines when traveling.

The problem is, Eudora has changed to an open source project modeled after Mozilla’s Thunderbird client. No more support or development for the paid versions of Classic Eudora.

The new versions are supposed to build off the features of Thunderbird while retaining the interface of Eudora, so far I’ve found it to be a bit less than what the old versions of Eudora offered.

I’ve been testing Thunderbird and while I like it, I still find it more cumbersome to achieve the same tasks in the same amount of time that I can do them in Eudora.

I’ve never been fond of any Microsoft email product so none of those are even a consideration. I’ve looked at “TheBat”, “Claws”, and a few others, and no matter what, I am finding it hard to break way from Eudora.

So what do I do. What would you do? Do I stick with my ageing Eudora classic till it completely craps out when the next major OS is released? Or do I switch now and go through withdrawal?

What email clients are you using? What are your experiences? Are you addicted to your email client too?

Keep in mind I have about 13 accounts I check every 30 minutes and have over 250,000 emails stored in my database so I need something that is fairly industrial strength and will seamlessly import everything..

But it’s the interface, those damn interfaces.. I just like Eudora.. Tell me why I should change and what I should change to!

- Dave -

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  • Ray with Social Media Science

    Hi Dave,

    Great new blog. I hope it goes well for you. I use Outlook Express primarily but also have gmail and yahoo accounts. I use GetResponse for my autoresponders.

    Overall I’m very happy with OE and have got quite a filing system going now. However you should be aware that when Microsoft do updates they tend to make Microsoft Outlook the default which is a bit of a pain but not a major.

  • John

    I have used eudora while working at Intel. I am using yopur Authority Loophole and you are really writing great stuff. Your advice has helped me alot, Thanks

  • Robin

    No, if you love it stick with it. I’ve never used eudora so I can’t really say but if I felt the way you seem to I would certainly not consider changing. Too much of an upheavel.

    I use trusty old outlook but then I only use it for my own personal use which is not a lot.

  • Anthony

    I’ve used Eudora for years and love it. I still use if for the family stuff, but have gone to Google for biz stuff. I love the tagging feature in Google…better than folders IMO. Still, Eudora is like an old slipper…comfy. I’ll miss her when she actually rolls over….

  • Sakana

    This is what I would do…I will move all my data to the new interface and keep current setup up and running. Test the new interface thoroughly and take a decision to move forward or stay with I have. It’s a hard choice, but the last thing you want is to get trapped using an old vernuable outdated app.

  • Terry

    OK, Dave. I think I see a new product coming from you.

    I use gmail, earthlink, yahoo, and my own default adresses that my web host offers.

    I several gmail accounts that I use in conjunction with Google email alerts to find blogs and forums to comment on to drive traffic to my websites/blogs.

    I’m still open and if you offer something that will aid my biz., I’ll look at it.


  • Linda

    Dave, I can sympathize. I used Calypso for many years, even though they stopped supporting it years ago. Up until last year, it still worked fine and I liked it. So I really didn’t care what bells and whistles other programs came out with. Finally, though, I had to give it up last year. I looked over a lot of programs and finally moved to Thunderbird. It’s not perfect. But it does everything I need and more.

  • Louise

    I’ve used all sorts over the years but finally, last year, someone introduced me to gmail. I have to say that given how many applications and programmes you can log into using your gmail address, I just couldn’t live without it now.

    As Anthony mentioned, I love the labels rather folders option and the massive storage capacity. I have about 7 gmail accounts, integrated with google alerts, groups, docs, chat and reader etc etc. Seriously, for running business stuff, it’s by far the best I’ve found. So easy, so seamless and ideal for sharing stuff with friends and colleagues.

  • Denny

    I’m a guy that gave away a new iPhone to hang onto his flip phone. Dont change if it ain’t broke, bad things happen.

  • Terry

    G’day Dave,
    I can sympathize with you because I used to love Eudora as well. I first started using it at college and from memory it was DOS-based in those days — okay, it WAS a long while ago when I went to college. :-(

    Yes, I went through withdrawal pains when I first switched over to an early version of Thunderbird, but now I wouldn’t be without it! Like you, I have heaps of email accounts which I need to check on a regular basis, and a Ginormous database of back emails kept for posterity, and Tbird handles it well. I can even forward all my Gmail, Yahoo, etc web-based accounts directly to Tbird, so I only need to check one program to check ALL my accounts at one time.

    And here is the kicker for you — Tbird now has an Import option for most common email client databases, so you should be able to import your Eudora database straight across to Tbird. Got to admit I haven’t used the option with a Eudora database, but it would be worthwhile checking out. Bottom line is this — do you want to use a beta-version of an early Tbird clone, or the real thing with most of the bugs already sorted?

    You will notice that there was NO mention of ANY M$ products at any stage, there is a good reason for that! Save yourself the embarrassment and frustration of even considering them!

    Terry (recovering Eudoraholic!). :-)

  • Carl

    Go with PocoMail! It doesn’t do javascript so it provides an extra bit of security. PocoMail manages multiple accounts and many mailboxes in a tight fashion. Inboxes are in separate files vs. some weird database like Outlook. On the downside, attachments all go in the same directory, which gets rather big over time.

  • Robert at How To Write A Sales Page


    I have one word for you – Firefox

    Yes I had a 10 year love affair with Eudora, but there were some occasions where it would “weird out” and get a corrupted data base that took a day to fix. So I moved on.

    So you ONLY have 13 accounts? I have 22. I have hundreds of folders in Firefox and filters for each of them to direct the incoming mail to the correct folder.

    Some of my filters immediately send out an email (forward it) when it comes in.

    I have no big complaints about it.

    Gmail? Yahoo? etc. No thanks.

    If you read the fine print on Gmail, they never delete you emails. Even though you say “delete forever” they keep it.

    Depending upon your personality, that might be a bit un-nerving.

    There are other things I know about certain “big” sites and “big” providers that I won’t mention here. But they sure are reason for pause.

    Good luck with FF.


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