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Are You Fed Up With Being Jerked Around By Google?

July 10th, 2012 : 22 Comments ·

About 4 years ago, Chris Rempel and myself released

‘The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole’

While the product was very well received, there were the naysayers who scoffed at anyone who even remotely cared about what was then MSN search, (Now Bing).

I mean who would want their really tiny market share of traffic, When the big kahoona Google was just waiting to be plucked for it’s riches.

One of the points Chris and I made 4 years ago, was that Bing traffic while considerably lower than what Google can deliver offered a LOT more stability in their rankings, and that the volatility of Google would never make them a reliable partner.

Well, well, well. It’s 4 years later and people who had what they thought were successful online businesses because they were getting some occasional decent Google traffic are now delivering pizzas for a living, and have become totally disenchanted with Google for a good reason. They are not, and were never a reliable business partner.

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The Great Earnings Screenshot Scam

June 21st, 2012 : 4 Comments ·

How many great launches have you seen where the sales page shows some amazing Clickbank or Paypal screenshots, showing earnings almost anyone would love to have?

There are two general reactions that most people have.

One is, people fall for it and buy the product.
Two, they just believe the screenshots are faked.

But in most cases the reality is option #3.

[

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A Lesson in Marketing – Truth in Pricing? A Good Idea?

May 25th, 2012 : No Comments ·

I’m sure you’ve received more than a few offers from a wide variety of marketers, me included, offering you a product or service of some kind.

But this is not about whether that product or service is worth it. This is about what comes after.

Probably the biggest complaint you see voiced on forums is people hate upsells. They hate hidden discounts, or pricing they believe to be deceptive.

[

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The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole is Now Free

May 10th, 2012 : No Comments ·

Almost 4 years ago, Chris Rempel and myself released ‘The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole’. The Loophole product was, (and still is) the definitive guide that explained in detail how to take advantage of a huge Loophole in what was then MSN search, (Now Bing), that allowed me to get and sustain a ton of top rankings in Bing, and still does to this day.

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SEO’ing for Google …

April 25th, 2012 : No Comments ·

Well, I’ve received about a dozen or so EM’s today from customers, friends, and business assoicates seeking my opinion on how to proceed with SEO now that Google has launched their ‘Anti SEO” algo change.

The answer I’m going to give is rather simple and really is not any different than what I’ve been doing for a long time and also what you should have been doing. [Read more →]

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Google Does It Again (More ‘Improvements”)

April 25th, 2012 : No Comments ·

Yep, Google has just announced more ‘uhh,mmmm  ‘Improvements’ to their algo.

You decide for yourself if they are improvements.. My take? The Google algo is SOOOOO broken, that every so called ‘Improvement’ they make screws up about 20 other things. And NOOOOOO, none of my sites were affected.  Great job on the ‘improvements’ geniuses!

I get the feeling the Google algo probably resembles the IRS tax code at this point. It’s unworkable. It’s unfixable, and has a contradiction around every corner.

Rather than get into more detail, I’ll just link you to a good post written by Jon Leger today

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Duck Duck Go?

April 24th, 2012 : 2 Comments ·

I’m guessing that most of you have never heard of And really why would you?

Duck Duck Go is a search engine. It is clearly a second tier search engine, and by that I don’t mean the quality of it’s results are second tier, I just mean that the number of people using it compared to the big boys is miniscule. Having said that, it is a search engine you should certainly give a look to. [Read more →]

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Are you the Neville Chamberlain of SEO?

March 28th, 2012 : 49 Comments ·

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything here, I’ve spent the last 5 months skiing and have enjoyed every second of it. But now….

I’ve been debating for a while whether to post this, but I’ve been getting so much private email from so many different individuals and businesses that I decided to just say what I have to say.

It seems a whole lot of webmasters and some business owners are in full fledged panic mode over the recent deindexing of ’some’ sites, in ’some’ link building networks, as well as them being concerned about the plethora of messages Google is sending out to webmasters telling them of possible bad linking.

Here’s the deal folks. And I know many of you are going to disagree with me but I’ll address that in a few minutes.

You have no one to blame but yourself for what has just happened, and what will continue to happen.

You caused it.  Huh? What’s that Dave?
[

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How to Migrate a Static HTML Site to Wordpress

October 18th, 2011 : No Comments ·

One of the questions I get asked frequently is how can you move a static HTML site to Wordpress without changing the page names?

Let’s look at the basics of what is involved to make it work.

Let’s assume your existing sites pages have an extension of .htm or .html.
Wordpress uses PHP to display pages, so there are some tweaks that need to be made.

First you need to install Wordpress so it is in your public_html folder, at the top level, it cannot be installed into a sub directory, if you do this won’t work.

[

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A Major New Article Directory Has Launched

August 15th, 2011 : 2 Comments ·

If you’re into article marketing I have some big news.

You may have previously checked out’s 100% American content writing services, or maybe not, but the big news is we have just introduced Articlez V2, with the the addition of a high quality article directory. (along with many other enhancements) But this article directory offers you something none of the others do.

[

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